That little idea was created around the time this blog began, so things have changed, but I think one part has remained the same.

This gives two options. Sam can choose a pocket, or a shoulder. If Sam was to go for the pocket, he can’t see what’s going on and he can’t help Dean out if they find trouble. I think the Sam we have in our stories isn’t about to let Dean be the only one who’s going to take risks. Small or not, he’s going to insist that he be the lookout. After all, he can tell when people are looking at him, right?! So why should he leave Dean to fall into a trap?

Sam will make sure to keep that brother of his out of trouble, no matter who’s around. He’s not about to sit this out in a pocket. 🙂

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I do want to bring them in, but the story hasn’t gone far enough, and I need to find a good story to have them in for.

It would be fun for the boys to get to the roadhouse and Jo clocks Dean with the butt of her shotgun, then Ellen catches Sam as he topples off the shoulder from the blow. Shocked faces all around.

“You boys have some explainin’ to do.”

There are plans in the works for other canon supernatural characters as well…