Mark’s tracker

anonymous asked:

how would removing the tracker kill mark?

Removing the tracker wouldn’t kill Mark if it was done RIGHT, the catch is, it’s set up so that if it’s tampered with wrong (like if Mark tries taking it off himself, or goes to other borrowers to get it off), it’ll self-destruct and electrocute him. Euan set this up to ensure that his little pet would always come back to him.

It’ll also kill him if Euan hits the kill switch, so Mark has to be careful that Euan never thinks he’s trying to run away.

December 15th excerpt:

What little breath Sam had left, he called up to grit out “Terrible. Crowd… to work with… Why talk?”

Euan’s face twisted with irritation. He was sick and tired of this Sam’s backtalk, but as much as he wanted to silence the little pest for good, he was valuable merchandise.

“You need to learn your place, boy,” he seethed through clenched teeth.

December 8th excerpt:

“Ah-ah, easy now, boy,” he murmured, his tone halfway between a scold and a coo. “You know you can’t see her until you’ve earned it.”

Geoff sneered as Euan passed. “I still can’t believe the big boss lets you play with the twins,” he grumbled, a teasing grin plastered to his face.