theirishwarlock  asked:

What would happen if a person had glasses to see got shrunk? Would they no longer need them or retain some near sightless?

Good question!

Eyesight is one of the senses that gets the most from the ‘curse’ Celeste puts on them– Which, when you take out the shrinking, a side-effect she created, is more of a blessing!

Borrowers have sharper vision than humans do, and any human who needs glasses will find that their eyes grow stronger the longer they’re under the curse. Children get the strongest effect from this, which is why she far prefers using youthful humans with plenty of growth ahead of them, but even an adult would notice a difference.

This is how most borrowers have very strong nightvision, and can see very well in the dark!

November 28th excerpt:

Blinking harshly, Dean forced his eyes to adjust faster, until he could see the inside of the vent as good as he saw the room outside. He had to admit, out of all the perks of his size, being able to see in a near darkness was one of the better ones. The vent came into sharp clarity, and he set off, quickly jogging down the few feet to the bend in the vent.

Once Dean was close enough to make out more of the silhouette, he let out a low whistle, impressed by his findings.

May 31st excerpt:

Dean’s eyes flashed to Jacob in surprise, seeing that he was backed defensively against the lamp. “Chill, you’ll be fine.” He reached forward again and snagged Jacob in a hand. “This is for your own good.”

May 24th excerpt:

More light broke in at the bottom as the mug tilted slowly upwards. Jacob paused, then crouched low to peek cautiously out from under the mug. He blinked a few times to readjust to the light, and made sure no one else was around. He sighed in quiet relief when he only saw Dean peering in at him.

A large green eye blinked back at Jacob, then vanished as the human sat back up from his hunched over position. The slit of light around Jacob’s knees widened, then the cup lifted up into the air as Dean let him out.

February 8th excerpt:

Bowman scoffed and squirmed again. He didn’t have time for something like this. Not when Logan looked completely skeptical of the conversation, too. Bowman was the only one on his own side, and he had to focus on getting away. He couldn’t give them time to decide they wanted to hurt him.

He almost spat out another scathing remark, but in his struggles he spotted movement on Dean’s chest. He blinked, but could have sworn he saw a couple pairs of eyes, normal sized ones, peering out of a pocket at him. The notion threw him off and he froze.