A chance meeting between Dragon!Dean and Giant!Jacob

Poor Dean thought he was pretty big and strong at 51 feet tall… till
he met a 122 ft tall teenager in the woods that’s big enough to carry
him around like a pampered pet!
Good thing Jacob is pretty mellow
about meeting a mythical fire breathing beast in the woods. He’s pretty
new to the Supernatural, and he suspects that hanging out with his own
Sam and Dean he’ll see a bit more.

Dragon!Dean grows to 51 feet in his own story, my first fanfic
Dragon!Dean is still scared of heights
and Giant!Jacob is from Bigfoots A Hoax
from @neonthewrite and @nightmares06

Shy Titans uwu

@nightmarejasmine !!!

From the ask on this post, the size difference between dragon Dean and the giant Jacob from Bigfoot’s a Hoax!


Sam and a tired big dragon brother Dean. Dean’s the tall one now, after he’s spent some time being freakin tiny. long story!

from my fanfic series – Dragon!Dean is Still Scared of Heights

more art for the series – on my deviantart

I almost forgot how to draw my big boi! He looks slightly different every time lol – I should do a model of him sometime…

spent some time on this pic – then edited a bit in ‘paint’ because my ink pen sucks and I needed to get a finer lined one like months ago. ballpoint doesnt work so hot and felt is too big. ah well.