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This might have been mentioned before but: Are there any au’s where the regular sized brothers find a tiny Jacob?

I think we got the question before, but it’s been a while!

We do have a storyline in mind for a tiny Jacob to meet up with canon Sam and Dean, we just haven’t had the opportunity to write it down as of this time. So, it’s in the works, along with quite a few others!

Tiny Jacob is just too much of a cutie to not put with everyone possible >w> 

Oh, I’d love to do Charlie, but I don’t know if the fic would make it all the way to season seven and eight. She’s such a bright ball of sunshine. Sam would probably get a kick out of all the action figures she has. At least if Sam breaks into her home like the Winchesters did that first time he wouldn’t so much scare the crap out of her. She’ll think she found a borrower living in her house!