I’m so glad you like it! :3 I honestly couldn’t get it out of my mind and just found myself writing at the most random times at work. Little Dean must be heard. I think I’m going through withdrawal from BL right now. They are sneaking their way into everything.

We will make sure we don’t burn out 🙂 Honestly, the hardest part of things right now is balancing with work duties for the both of us. Writing helps get rid of the stress, hence why we have so many story ideas and stories under construction. The most I can see happening is dropping down to two updates a week if three turns out to still be too much. We both need to write, and a side effect of that is we have plenty to share.

We’ll make sure to keep everyone updated!

Does anyone else agree with this idea?

If I do this, there won’t be weekly BA updates. Instead, you’ll get a poll before a new story starts posting. The poll will include the next finished story in each series, including BA if it’s done. BA stories do take longer to write than the AU’s.

That story would have three weekly updates, at least for the time being, and since it’s the only one posting it would be easier to keep track of the updates.

For people Sam’s size, any type of pesticide would be devastating. If they get caught by surprise, they’d die. If they caught wind of the pest control before it happened, they’d have to relocate. Even after pest control is gone, the little guys live deep in the nooks and crannies of the motel so there might be poison lingering in the area that could either kill them or cause long term health complications and when you’re that size and have no access to a doctor, that’s something you’ll want to avoid.

Of course, relocating is a danger all on its own.

If you want to read about the little guys of mine that lived in a motel that did get hit by pest control, check out the following fic:

Out of the Frying Pan