August 26th excerpt:

“Dean…” Jacob began, exasperation touching the edge of his tone again. He frowned when he craned his neck back and saw that he was rapidly losing what attention he had. “Waitasecond,” he called, trying to snap Dean out of it before he really conked out.

He tried to squirm out from under Dean’s hand, but the loose grip around him combined with the dead weight to keep him right where he was. He muttered a curse; if he got stuck there, he would have to wait until the whiskey wore off and Dean woke up. That could take a while.

August 25th excerpt:

“You haven’t hurt me before,” Jacob insisted. “Which, uh. Thanks, by the way. But y’know, being small doesn’t make me that fragile.”

“Dude, don’t give me that,” Dean complained, switching the way his fingers were placed to flatten Jacob’s hand out. Like this, Dean could see each individual finger. They were so thin compared to Dean, he could barely see them. If Jacob spread his hand out over Dean’s fingertip, he wouldn’t be able to cover it. That small.

Dean didn’t let his fascination keep him from caution while he looked to make sure none of the fingers (what he could see of them) were hurt, complaining all the way. “If I wasn’ so big, you woulndna got yourself in trouble. And that’s why we’re here, so we can make sure you stay safe from now on.”

August 24th excerpt:

Jacob shifted his leg away from Dean’s poking, trying to pull himself further up in Dean’s grasp. The fist was too tight around him to maneuver much, though he still wasn’t squeezed. Dean miraculously knew to hold back even now.

“Don’t make me lose my shoe,” he warned. He was unsettlingly close to Dean’s face, so close he could see his reflection in the relaxed eyes. If he wanted, he might be able to give the human a swift kick to the nose. “I’ve only got the two.”

August 23rd excerpt:

“Nothing’s your fault, ‘cause I’m fine.”

Curling his fist closer around Jacob, Dean lifted up the kid so he could get his first good look at him since getting home. “How’m I supposed to know that though?” he griped, squinting his eyes so he could see Jacob clearly.

Easier said than done. The whiskey from the bar had blurred Dean’s vision to the point where Jacob’s tiny, delicate features hard to see. Dean nudged one of the boots that dangled from the bottom of his hand, touching the leg to see if it was hurt.

August 17th excerpt:

Dean scowled. “Why does everyone think I’ll hurt him?” he growled, yanking his arm out of the grip. “He’s in the room!”

“Where the hell do you think you’re go–“


August 16th excerpt:

“Dean, wait! ” Jacob cried, lifting one hand as if he might halt the towering human himself. His eyes were wide and his heart pounded, residual from the sharp reaction he’d gotten. Dean’s walls had slammed down like a ton of bricks, quickly enough to almost cause whiplash.

Jacob hadn’t given him the time he needed to cool off. He suddenly doubted any amount of time was enough.

“Please, you gotta listen to me,” he yelled, trying to ensure Dean could hear his tiny voice from his full height. Normally, Jacob would want to back off, but this was too important.

August 15th excerpt:

Jacob didn’t get a sound out before Dean’s fist slammed into the table, not even six inches away.

The surface bounced beneath his boots and the sound rang even more ominously than the humans’ voices. Jacob stumbled backwards with his wide eyes fixed on that fist. It would have left nothing of him if it landed on his body.

August 13th excerpt:

Worn wood stretched out beneath his boots. Jacob found one scratch in the table that he shuffled one foot over once, twice, while his cheeks heated up. He almost felt scolded by that blue eyed gaze.

The first day traveling with Dean came back to him, one of the scariest days in his life. After spending an entire night trapped under a vase, Jacob had been grabbed up and dropped in a pocket, trapped while Dean took him away. He had lied to protect his family, and gotten himself more or less adopted because of it.