Can we have more Bobby and his ‘neighbors’? Like him getting seeds that they take care of, its not helping if he just gives them the resources for their own food…


He certainly does his best to not interfere with their lives out in the field (and now in his house, at least in Brothers Apart). Part of that is he’s more lax about locking up possibly useful supplies or clearing all the food. Rumsfeld always keeps a sharp lookout for any actual threats, human or animal. All they really need to worry about is other hunters that work with Bobby prowling around when he’s not looking.

TorchMLP: do the burrowers plant any crops at all, or just rely on foraging for their plant needs?
nightmares06: The guys in the burrow make sure seeds go back into the ground, but they don’t farm or anything. Others farther out in the wilderness would, especially mushroom farms
TorchMLP: oh man, I know a lot of people who would be jealous of a mushroom farm
TorchMLP: those are hard to grow

TorchMLP: So do any Borrowers try to use softer metals for anything? Like aluminum cans are easy to melt and shape into something else, and are also pretty sharp
nightmares06: The ones in the motels or houses wouldn’t, but they’d try something like this in the burrow where they have a fire pit going
nightmares06: And all that scrap metal from Bobby
TorchMLP: lol I’m sure Bobby’s got a lot of interesting things in his yard
nightmares06: And he’ll never even notice it missing in that heap
Neon: The borrowers can get a ride from Rumsfeld to go shopping XD
TorchMLP: XD Pack dog

It sounds like a great idea! Though the brothers don’t often put time aside for personal projects, I can see this being a weekend thing if either of them needs to take a break and recuperate from a hunting injury. They could even make some for the field burrow, supplies are always welcome there. And the littles living there are always up for a trade, especially with some of the stuff they craft themselves.

Aww. Poor Arthur.

I’m sure in Brothers Together, Dean and Arthur won’t hit it off right away. If Dean gets properly scolded, he’ll refrain from grabbing any of the smaller people around. Sam can’t lose his chance at getting to know any people his size!

Rumsfeld is such a troublemaker. Always giving Dean a heart attack.

XD Aww. That’s too cute. Sam would be so curious about the tiny person and at the same time so worried that they’re so close to a giant who can’t tell they’re a person. He must be the middleman, and maybe get to indulge his own curiosity once he calms down the tiny guy.

Jacob is so tall he really is ridiculous at this point.

Most likely! Sam and Dean spend a lot of time around Bobby’s. Though it’ll be a few years before Rumsfeld is around, eventually the pup will discover the hidden burrow out in the field and chances are he’s going to want to introduce wee Sammy to his friends. Keeping Dean out of the way will be the hard part.

Arthur will not like this at all, especially since it usually ends with Dean tracking down his baby brother (Rumsfeld, you really gotta warn Dean about these things before just darting off with Sam).

Sam and Dean will have to keep Jacob quiet if they spot the tiny burrower watching them (probably catching the borrower at some point out of sheer surprise before they realize the little guy is harmless). The field borrowers will have a hard time with how big Jacob is. How can that be a living person? It’s too big for comprehension! Just one wrong move on Jacob’s part can wipe their entire burrow off the map. (Living natural disaster; Jacob Andris)