June 9th excerpt:

Jacob was frozen, stuck once again between fear and confusion by the man’s actions. He could hardly lean away from the fingertip against half his face, though he did what he could. Of all things that could have happened, this was the least expected. He could have been enclosed in a tighter fist, or shoved into a pocket to be trapped and out of sight and earshot. Instead, he was simply shushed.

AFIN – A Friend In Need

You will go down as the best name-guesser for the story acronyms! (Other sneak peeks on the way during the week from the rest of the guesses we got)

AFIN is indeed A Friend in Need, but since this is a completely new AU, before we give the full sneak peek, can anyone guess what’s going on in the story? Because this is different than what we’ve tried before, and we’re excited to hear what everyone thinks!

Dean was small. Insignificant. Nothing, a voice whispered in his mind.

A shock ran through Dean and he drew back from the fingertip like the glass had burned him, quickly pulling his sleeve down over his hand and trying to scrub away the scratches like the leather could possibly fix the mess he’d made.

May 22nd excerpt:

“Alright, your turn, half-pint,” Dean mumbled half to himself as he opened up his pocket. “Time to come out.”

What?! ” Jacob hissed before he could even stop himself. The last thing he wanted was to be brought out of the pocket here, no matter how much he disliked being confined.

He flinched away as Dean’s fingers joined him in the pocket, knowing he had nowhere to go to avoid them but trying to anyway. He pressed himself as far into the bottom of the pocket as he could go, thinking maybe Dean would get the hint when he couldn’t find purchase on the back of Jacob’s hoodie. To provide extra incentive, he kicked at Dean’s fingertip as hard as he could to make sure the callused hand could feel it.

“Aw, c’mon, it’s not that bad!” Dean hissed after his finger flinched back from the kick.

March 18th excerpt:

Sam held up a hand next to Jacob, marveling at the size of his own fingers compared to the other hunter. “I guess so,” he said in agreement. “Guess this means I’ll be safe hanging out on the alarm clocks in the room.” Curious, he held his hand close to Jacob, wanting to see the difference in scale between their hands.

Dean came back over with a plate stacked with a burger, french fries, apple sticks and the salad, watching with fascination as Sam held out his hand. Considering that Sam’s hand would barely cover the tip of Dean’s own fingertip– and that was only if he stretched his fingers out as far as they’d go– it was nothing short of amazing to see it eclipse someone else’s hand, a hand that was so small Dean couldn’t make out the fingers from where he was standing.

August 31st excerpt:

“I get scared a lot,” Oscar said, staring at the way his hands couldn’t cover one fingertip, even with his own fingers spread as far as they would go. “A-an’ I never came up on the beds before. I’m not very brave…”