For Brother’s Divided – Sam and Dean get cursed, and shipped to England, but get discovered by a younger Sherlock and/or John, and eventually discovered by Stan as well?

You nailed it!

In this one, Sam and Dean don’t escape from their captivity like they did in BC– at least, not as fast as they did in BC. They remain trapped long enough to be branded and their training begun, prepping them for sale. It’s during an escape attempt gone wrong that the well-meaning doctor-in-training stumbles over them, finding two children where he thought two tiny dolls were lying abandoned on the sidewalk.

Sneak peek coming shortly!

Luckily, someone already guessed the story premise so I can say it’s a part of Brothers Unexpected 😉 Otherwise I’d have to leave you guessing since we try not to give things away. It’s only a month since Dean lost Sammy, and he’s found himself staying in Knights Inn just like in Brothers Together.

Ah, man. Those shorts kill me as much as you when @neonthewrite shows them to me before posting! I might have cried at parts. I’m going to be adding them to the Brothers Together page on the BA tumblr, so there are easy links to find them, once I have some time to fiddle with websites.

Currenly, An Appreciation for the Sun is our only story between Birdie and Cas. Of course, if we ever get inspired, the sky’s the limit for all things spn and gt!

Think you know the mystery story? Send in a guess!

Oh, you are so, so close. So close. But not quite there.

Jacob, at the time of Sam getting cursed, would be five years old. Just a wee little five-year-old.

Hint: Take away one of these characters and change the size of one of the others and we should just about be there. Anyone got it? Send it in! Maybe this weekend will end with the sneak peek!

This is actually an idea we’ve been kicking around for a future story, but so far we haven’t had any huge strokes of inspiration for it (or any ideas for a name). Sam, the much calmer tol, with tiny zen Jacob and Dean the angriest smol to ever smol. Perhaps one day that will be the one you’re guessing!

(Honestly, these guessing games give us so many new ideas, so keep ‘em coming!)

And I will forever imagine Dean storming the table if Sam manages to catch Jacob… just going in guns blazing (or at least his bitty knife). That’s his adopted little brother. Give back.