October 2nd excerpt:

John popped a slice of bread into the toaster, putting it on a light setting. Just enough to get it crispy on the outside. By the time that was done, the eggs were, too, and he put those on the plate with the bacon. Separately, he took a small cutting knife and took a small rectangle off one corner and split it into two squares. These he pressed thin with the flat of his knife, to make them easier for Sam and Dean to handle.

October 1st excerpt:

As Sam was finishing with his hair, Dean packed the last of their supplies. He replaced the lid of the ceramic pot he’d found behind a dresser a few months back, covering up the dry food supplies they’d gathered to keep it fresh, and keep any bugs away from it. They would return here again, and if the food was still good, they would use it for meals. If not, they’d take it and dispose of it. It was best to avoid wasting what they took from the human side of the household.

With their place packed up and cleaned, they left it behind once more.

September 23rd excerpt:

Sam’s torrent of words was cut off by a knock at the door, and he turned in his chair, his face blank for a moment as he was unable to remember why someone might be knocking.

Then, he remembered.

“Oh! That’s the pizza.” Sam turned back to the table. “Don’t move, I’ll be right back.”

August 9th excerpt:

Dean elbowed Sam in the side, one side of his mouth quirked. “Might wanna…”

Sam saw Oscar’s troubles. “Oh!” He quickly reached for the little yellow candy, plucking it from between the kid’s tiny hands. “Here, I can help.”

Taking the M&M, Sam lightly rapped it against the table, until he saw the top start to splinter sugar and a bit of the chocolate was visible from inside. “There’s peanuts in them,” he explained to Oscar as he held it out again. “Chocolate and peanuts and candy and yum!”

August 2nd excerpt:

The tines of the fork nudged at Sam’s arm, who barely even looked up at the threatening cutlery that could scoop him up into the air. “What, Dean?” he asked tiredly, a put-on air about him as he studiously focused on the shreds of hot dog and bread he had pushed into a facsimile of a hot dog on a bun.

“You gonna eat that?” Dean asked, jabbing his fork at the remainder of Sam’s portion of the meal.

July 31st excerpt:

Dean hummed to himself as he dumped the scalding hot water out over the sink and the hot dogs dropped into a strainer to cool. “Ketchup?” he called over his shoulder to Sam, getting a distracted nod in return.

Piling it all onto a plate, Dean snagged the bag of hot dog buns and brought it all over to the table, claiming the spot Bobby had eaten his own lunch in. It was easier since the spot was cleared of the regular clutter. The ketchup was fetched from the fridge, and a fork, which ended up used to cut one of the hot dogs to manageable pieces for Sam to gather from. Dean nudged that one to the very edge and plucked some of the softer parts of his bun off for Sam to try, then poured practically a red lake’s worth of ketchup for Sam to use.

“Grub’s up,” he announced, piecing his own together with the buns provided and grabbing mustard and onions as well to stack on top.

July 29th excerpt:

All but forgotten in Dean’s pocket, Logan waited for someone to notice the irony in the room. While he was trapped and barely allowed a shard of a pretzel, Sam was free to roam. He would even get to have some of the warm food with the others, despite being bug-sized. He should be in as much danger as Logan, but he wasn’t. 

Wondering what made Sam so special wouldn’t get him free, so Logan pushed the thoughts aside. He kicked at Dean once more before turning to try opening the pocket again.

July 26th excerpt:

Footsteps came from the hall, and Dean covered Logan with a hand, curling his fingers around the other man as Bobby came back in. Sam was no longer wearing his tan jacket, perched on Bobby’s shoulder with nothing more than his grey t-shirt, jeans and satchel.

“Got the blood out,” Bobby said gruffly. “That’ll just be drying until the morning.”

“Bobby said he’s got some food we can heat up!” Sam called out from his place.

June 23rd excerpt:

Oscar scanned the table from his new, surprised perch on the book. His eyes were wide and he clung to the mini-sandwich like it might disappear if he didn’t. Food containers towered over him, and they’d make decent hiding places if he could hop down and scurry behind them in time.

The only reason he didn’t try was sitting just a few feet away, holding onto a much larger version of the sandwich in his hands. Oscar eyed Sam, but when the kid didn’t reach for him he ducked his head to nibble at his food.

It was so good, his tears nearly made a comeback.

June 22nd excerpt:

Dean shook his head ruefully, unable to resist reaching over to pluck the kid up, sitting him down on the book instead of huddling next to it. It happened so quickly that the little guy hardly had time to kick his tiny legs in alarm. “Sit,” Dean said dryly, pushing the mini-sandwich into his arms. “And eat. Sam, if he’s thirsty give him some water. He looks like he hasn’t eaten for a few days.”