And the winning story is…

With 48 out of the possible 100 votes, Brothers Apart has taken the win!

For Science!

On the heels of the Winchesters most troubling case yet comes a call. There’s trouble in Wellwood forest, home of the peaceful wood sprites they’d befriended before. Parents have been waking up to find their children missing, and there’s no trace of the culprit!

Can Sam and Dean, with the help of one Bowman Leafwing and his best friend Jacob Andris, find the person abducting the children before anyone else goes missing?!


Story artwork by @mogadeer​!

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@torchmlp replied to your post

Is this from “For Science”?!

You see right through us!

It is indeed from the ill-fated beginning of the third season of Brothers Apart, For Science!

Bowman rubbed at his eyes and leaned forward, clinging to the bars of his own cage. He frowned out, squinting. It had to be a trick of perspective. It had to be. Bowman’s heart did flips even as he told himself that, because what he was seeing was wrong.

The shaky pool of light emanating from the flashlight Dean held didn’t lie. Bowman just couldn’t understand how this had happened.

“Dean … Dean, why in the Spirit’s Dance does it look like you’re sprite-sized right now?!”

Sneak Peek

The boys are having a bit of trouble in this special crossover edition, For Science!

Dean continued to feel edgy, occasionally glancing ahead of them, to where Jacob held his best friend Bowman in a hand. Dean would be lying if he said he was completely comfortable around Jacob, especially when it came to the vulnerable sprites and Sam, but he reminded himself that Bowman had known Jacob longer and Sam had even gone into the kid’s hands once.

Dean’s fingers twitched at that memory.

They had only just reached the outskirts of the clearing, the sun shining against the tall grass with a merry twinkle, when it happened.

A breeze hit Dean, sending an icy shudder up his spine. He could faintly hear Sam exclaiming “Dean?!” in the distance, but it felt like they were separated by a long distance, instead of Sam lounging on his shoulder.

None of the blades of grass around them wafted in the breeze.

The world started to warp around Dean, the edge of the trees growing sharper. His head started to ache as his limbs grew heavy, a ringing in his ears drowning everything else out. “S-Sammy,” he tried to force out, wanting to warn his brother as the vertigo set in. He couldn’t even hear his own voice.

That was all he managed to get out. Dean felt himself collapsing on the ground. A tremble that might have been Jacob hitting the ground with him echoed up through the earth. Dean lost sight of Sam long before he landed. He hadn’t even felt Sam get thrown off.

The ringing grew in intensity.

As sleep claimed him at last, Dean could have sworn he heard a voice past it, chanting in Latin.