October 13th excerpt:

Knocking on Sam’s wall, Dean patiently waited for his brother to show his face.

“What?” Sam asked, sleepily shuffling into the light in his socks.

Dean arched an eyebrow at his younger brother. “Gonna work on the car,” he explained. “Think you can hold down the fort for me?”

May 13th excerpt:

Determination got him to the shirt, and Sam dove into the folds. It wasn’t the same as the fabric nest he’d woken up in while he was with Walt and Mallory, but it wouldn’t be a bad substitute. It was certainly warm, and though the fabric was scratchier than motel room sheets at his normal size, the pillow cover would be even itchier.

Wriggling around, Sam righted himself and yanked his boots off. They got tossed an inch away from the shirt, and Sam peeked out at the giants around him. “It’s like a fort!”