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Is this from “For Science”?!

You see right through us!

It is indeed from the ill-fated beginning of the third season of Brothers Apart, For Science!

Bowman rubbed at his eyes and leaned forward, clinging to the bars of his own cage. He frowned out, squinting. It had to be a trick of perspective. It had to be. Bowman’s heart did flips even as he told himself that, because what he was seeing was wrong.

The shaky pool of light emanating from the flashlight Dean held didn’t lie. Bowman just couldn’t understand how this had happened.

“Dean … Dean, why in the Spirit’s Dance does it look like you’re sprite-sized right now?!”

November 13th excerpt:

“Maybe nobody’s … home,” Jacob muttered, drawing it out as he listened for more than the creaking sound of the house settling.

“Not likely,” Sam replied, alert and listening as intently as Jacob.

November 11th excerpt:

“And now you guys run around fighting monsters,” Jacob mused, cracking a grin.

“Everyone needs a hobby,” Sam shot back without missing a beat, a wry grin to match Jacob’s. “Like I said, I came to terms with this a long time ago. I have no problem working this way, even if it means I fight monsters the size of Godzilla. Dean has his strengths, and I’ve got mine. We’re a team.”

November 9th excerpt:

Sam made sure to ask Jacob if it was okay before he took any of the food. He’d grown accustomed to sharing with Dean, but knew it wasn’t normal for people to regularly share a meal with someone, especially someone who was almost a complete stranger.

The food wasn’t the scalding hot temperature of something right off the stove, but the warmth that filled Sam at his first bite made him “Mm,” in satisfaction.

Jacob couldn’t help but notice a few things. Sam’s caution around the food wasn’t the same as a sprite’s; where Bowman might simply be worried about falling in, Sam was just trying to stay out of the way. He never even went for any of the food they’d shared so far before asking.

November 8th excerpt:

“Uh. Pocket okay?” Jacob asked, glancing at Sam in the mirror.

“That works.”

Instead of waiting for Jacob’s assistance, Sam scaled down from Jacob’s shoulder and ducked in the pocket himself, much like he did with Dean when the coast was clear. From here, Sam stood to check the height of the pocket, finding himself just tall enough to see out while standing.

Definitely deeper than Dean’s. Those were child’s play for Sam, unless he got buttoned in.

November 7th excerpt:

Right after spotting Sam, Jacob’s eyes flicked to the bundle of money next to him. It was big enough that Sam would have a hard time wrapping his arms around it, whether or not he could lift it. A willowy sprite like Bowman would have even more trouble. Even with Sam only standing at four inches tall, that amounted to a lot of cash.

Holy shit. Sam’s loaded.

November 6th excerpt:

Sam paged through a few, checking the amounts and remembering what Dean had sternly taught him. Sam had no use for the money himself; he was able to survive off what he found, but Dean had refused to take no for an answer.

It’s what I’m good for, right? Teachin’ my little brother the ropes?

November 5th excerpt:

Sam glanced up, grinning to see Jacob returned. “Hey!” The coffee had done its magic, waking him up and giving him the energy to face the day.

Then Sam saw how many books Jacob had in his arms, and his eyebrows climbed up his forehead. “Did you bring the entire Library of Congress in from the car at once?”