If Dean was the small one, he’d still be in charge. Sam grew up looking up to his older brother, and having him tiny wouldn’t change that a bit. It would be a lot like in Brothers Unexpected, where Sam gets adopted by Jacob’s family. Sam is much smaller than Jacob, but as the oldest, is also trusted to watch out for the kid and Jacob learns fast to listen to him (sweet tol teddy).

Not sure if we’ll ever get to writing a Brothers Together switchup, but it is a lot of fun to think about the Weechesters no matter who’s what size.

I’d say it certainly isn’t out of the question! It’s a fun idea to muse, and it would certainly make a few ideas I have possible. There may be crossovers between the various AUs in the future, and this one has great promise already XD I think it’s the tiny Dean. He puts the spice into their lives from being a little spitfire.