Trickster shenanigans

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Comment: What kind of shenanigans do you think would rain down on our boys if they had a run in with the trickster? Hopefully nothing as morbid as the mystery spot!a

But I have fun imagining Dean being made into something smaller than normal – like getting turned into a child again, the age he was when Sam was cursed to get like “a second chance” that’s all fucked up because Dean as a child won’t be able to drive or pay for the motel rooms or anything. Or maybe turning into like a raccoon or something (those tiny hands!) where he has to struggle to convince sam that he’s not a feral animal while being severely hindered in the communication department. Anyway, if he was smaller than normal but still big to Sam so we could see like a different size dynamic idk.

Love you and all that you do! 

Aww, thank you so much! It means everything for us to hear that you love our stories!

The trickster is certainly getting up to shenanigans in the BA multiverses, and though I can’t guarantee he’ll ever appear in the original BA, he’s already shown his face in Brothers Found, in the epic tale of Jacob in Wonderland, and he’s also planned to show up in other stories, with various plans in mind. 

There have been a few fanfictions written that have the trickster in them, so they’re always worth checking out- Not a Game by @arc852, and The Dragon at Knights Inn by @wolfie180g. (For a full list of the fanfictions written for BA, check out here, and if you know one that isn’t on the list, message @nightmares06!)

Age fics are always cute, and it would be interesting to see Sam with a scrawny teenaged Dean! Dean would be pretty upset (if he still has his memories) that he’s now too young to buy any beer.

As for animals, I generally don’t do animal transformations, but I recommend checking out @wolfie180g​‘s stuff! They have a lot of this, and they also do a lot of g/t oriented stories with Sam and Dean. 

Reader message

myimaginedairybeard asked:

In coth(bf) we’ve gotten sneak peeks of a certain shrunken Logan, which was probably the result of the mushroom. In ttol’s(ba) sneak peeks we also got to see him in his shrunken state, although I think it’s more likely that in this au he’s under Celeste’s curse (it looks like he’s got a knack – speed/fast runner). Both scenarios are shrinking curses by angels(archangels) -do they have anything else in common? What are the differences between Celeste’s curse and the Gabriel’s wonderland mushroom?

You’ve got a good bit of this right, but #ttol definitely does not happen in Brothers Apart! Logan is not under Celeste’s curse.

(I did tell @neonthebright that now she should totally come up with a knack for him tho….)

As for poor Logan. Gabe will be the first person to admit the mushroom’s great power is– you got it!– shrinking! And that’s it. He designed it on a whim, spotting his sister dear’s interest in this group and decided to give them a test of his own making.

Since he is a trickster, his tests are not always survivable, and this one especially so. Bite the mushroom, shrink. He never really thought someone might bite it again! So there was no built-in defense to prevent Jake from shrinking a second time.

(Bite it a third time and we might be getting into the realm from The Incredible Shrinking Sam and neon cringes). 

So the main difference between Gabriel’s mushroom and Celeste’s curse is the amount of thought that went into their plans. Hers has spanned generations, and she has carefully cultivated her experiments until finally reaching the point where it’s ready to come to a head, while Gabriel? Saw a mushroom, pointed, said “Boo!” and shrank the teddy.

Play more Super Mario, Jacob.

So, I assume Gabriel (as the trickster) has the same timeline awareness as Celeste and, in that case, he’s equally likely to show up in the other timelines with knowledge of what might go down?

For these AUs (this isn’t at all an ability in canon Supernatural), all archangels share the same awareness of other timelines, some stronger than others. 

Gabriel is one of the ones that has a sharp awareness of other timelines, because he likes to dabble in alternate realities on the side (The Lounge in BA, Changing Channels and Mystery Spot on Supernatural).

He will show up in other, future stories. He better just watch out if anyone recognizes the bartender in the Lounge!

Is the trickster from Jacob in Wonderland Gabriel?

He is indeed!

Gabriel decided to pay the Winchesters an early visit when he saw how things were playing out for them, and give them a few reminders about how borrowers and sprites constantly have to live.

There is a prequel to Jacob in Wonderland which can be found here, a prompt that I wrote out about the trickster catching wind of them. 

We have considered bringing @neonthebright‘s trickster into the story as well, a fun character named Elias who gets up to quite a few shenanigans in his own storyline! Check out his stories over on her writing blog here!


What would have happened if Cas didn’t manage to shrunk Dean back down? Would he be forced to become Bobby’s newest resident (and even bigger bottomless bag)? And how would he and Sam interact again (some of the Lounge ideas would be good, but still, angst)? Also I can imagine Bowman’s shock when Bobby goes instead of Dean and Sam somehow explains his brother ended up more giant than ever (prompt, maybe?) ~Sassy

They’d have to get him to Bobby’s, first! They took a road trip to Rufus’s cabin for the setup, knowing she wouldn’t fall for the trick at Bobby’s place. 

He probably would have knocked down most of the cabin if Cas didn’t fix him, simply because he had no place to go, and no doors big enough to crawl out of. All scrunched in a corner, and the only reason he couldn’t try and stop Celeste himself was because of the pain he was in from his bones expanding.

((There’s a good reason the victims of her curse often are unconscious for the good part of a week after it hits. Extremely compacted, extremely fast.))

The main thing about the Lounge is, Gabriel buffered it for size different interactions. The borrowers can’t be deafened if you yell, and no one can get hurt. Sam and Dean wouldn’t have that luxury. They’d need an interpreter, at least at first, someone who can talk to each of them separately.

I’m pretty sure Bowman would be all sorts of offended if he hears Dean is more giant than his giant now. Considering how serious the problem is in Wellwood, Bobby would definitely hit the road to help.

The Lounge || A Dean in the Hand (1 of 3)

Welcome to the AU lounge! A place of relaxation conceived and helped designed by all the readers and visitors to the world of Brothers Apart! Stay awhile, kick up your boots, and have some pie!

Current AUs in the Lounge:

Brothers Together (Teenager big Dean; tiny kiddo Sam; tiny kiddo Oscar)
Brothers Apart (The original Dean and Sam)
Brothers Lost (Big Jacob with the tiny bros)

****** Departing

Brothers Found
(Big Dean and Jacob, tiny Sam)
Brothers Adopted (Big Dean, tiny Jacob and Sam)

****** New Arrivals

Time, that endless flow that the Lounge existed without, passed outside the doors. Within, the different groups mingled, each with their own stories and tales to tell the others. From time to time, the smallest member of the Lounge, little Oscar whom even the bartender loved to see come around and peek out into view, would have to leave, called by a mysterious summons.

But he always came back, and always went back over to his young Dean and Sam, who were delighted to see him and managed to take away the sadness that fell over him each time.

Between serving whiskeys and pies and mysteriously bussing tables without ever being seen, Gabriel kept a sharp eye on the TV suspended above his bar. On it, the flashing colors belonging to each AU switched between different polls, and he was surprised to see the same group get voted in a second time. Family Ties turned into First Hunt, glowing its win.

Over at the table with the two Jacobs sitting, they watched the tiny Winchesters go through a few games, Dean quickly putting up a better fight now that he knew Sam was his equal at the game. It grew more heated between them, but all in good fun with the occasional call to “Rack ‘em, loser!” when one won.

The original Dean of the crew came strolling over to watch the game, his mouth quirked into a smile as he saw his tiny counterpart clearing the table with one stroke after the other.

Then, to the smaller Dean’s eternal consternation, Dean swept him right up off the table with a shit-eating grin right after his winning stroke sunk the eight ball in the corner pocket.

“What’s the big idea?” Dean griped up at his giant counterpart, batting at the fingers around him. As fast as this Dean was, his grip was always surprisingly gentle.

“Oh, nothing,” Dean said innocently. “Just figured you might want to see how the big boys play.” With a grin, he plunked tiny Dean right down on the pool table, still a mess from an earlier game with the solid balls still on the table, all the stripes gone.

“Jackass!” Dean shot up at him, shoving a yellow 1 out of his way as he stalked for the edge.

To the side, Gabriel watched all the happenings between the groups, always alert for any actual danger between the different sizes. Danger was discouraged, but jokes and pranks…

Well, those were fully encouraged and endorsed.

Both Jacobs were just as surprised by how quickly the larger of the two Deans had just swept up his tiny counterpart. The younger Jacob, still sporting a black eye that was doing a lot better since he came into the lounge, stood from his seat to wander over to the pool. Behind him, the other Jacob held out a hand for the Sam who’d been left on his own.

Young-Jacob stared at the 1 ball as it rolled slowly to a stop only a few inches from where it started. The mini-Dean looked so small among the normal-sized pool balls.

Ever wary of how his own Dean didn’t want him around the little guys, Jacob didn’t immediately move to offer a hand. “I think this table’s more of a football field,” he mused.

“A football field with a jackass giant!” Dean griped up from where he was walking. The edges of the table had places he could climb down without his hook and thread, so that’s where he headed.

The larger Dean chuckled, lining up a shot with the cue ball and lightly nudging it towards the 1. It was barely a love tap, sending the ball into Dean’s way as he stalked by. With a swear, the smaller Dean kicked at the ball.

A second Dean strolled over, his hands in his pockets as he looked over the pool table. “Mini-me’s having some issues there,” he commented to the Sam on his shoulder.

The original Dean frowned at him. “How old are you, anyway?” he inquired as he took aim at the yellow 1 again.

Dean scowled. “I’m 26, dude!” he griped, looking annoyed at the question.

Dean chuckled as he tapped the cue ball again to piss of the smaller Dean. “I’m 27.”

“Yeah, well I’m 28 which means I’m in charge around here!” the little Dean snapped, shoving the cue ball back at his larger counterpart only to make the man chuckle again as he steadied the ball.

While they bickered by the pool tables, the screen above Gabriel flickered, and this time there were four names listed above, flashing as it was decided which one would post next.

Like a Moth to Flame

Sam of Wellwood

The Water’s Fine

Bothering Bowman

Gabriel mused that if Dean couldn’t find his way off the pool table by the time the vote ended, he’d get a free ticket off if his story came up.

The Lounge || Time to Go, Champ


The Lounge was a lively place, but for once Oscar didn’t mind. Back in the motel, if a room was full of humans being loud or boisterous, he had to avoid them at all costs. They couldn’t find out he was there, or he’d be in danger.

It wasn’t the same in the Lounge, where they all knew he was around and they all seemed willing to look out for him. He could walk across the open floor safely, and the most he’d get was a hello from a Dean or a Jacob standing high overhead. He could explore as much as he wanted, and even go get food whenever he felt like it.

When he got a strange feeling in his core that he had to leave, he didn’t like it at all. His eyes strayed to the tall doorway and he frowned.

Beyond this strange place, he would be alone again. Left behind just when he thought he might get to leave his motel and not be afraid anymore. He’d go back to hiding away from everyone and hoping he might find enough crumbs to eat every day.

He didn’t want to leave. It was just like his Dean had mentioned so early on, when others first started arriving. He didn’t want to leave.

Oscar glanced around to see what the others were doing, but no one else seemed to notice anything amiss. With a sigh, he found a space under one of the tables and huddled down. Maybe, if he didn’t come out for a while, it would be like he had left, without actually going anywhere. Maybe.

A pair of shiny black leather shoes and black slacks ambled towards the table. They definitely didn’t belong to any of the Deans or either of the Jacobs. Those guys all wore jeans. Oscar wasn’t the only one, in fact, watching the progress of those steps with rapt attention.

The bartender never came out from behind the bar, it seemed. Until now.

Oscar huddled even smaller as the steps came towards the very table where he hid. He tried to scoot around the base to put something between them, but stopped just as the footsteps did. As he watched, the man knelt down so he could see under the table.

Golden eyes that usually lit up with some hidden mischief fixed on him right away, and Oscar froze. There was almost pity there. He was so surprised that he didn’t even argue or try to squirm away when a hand reached under the table to scoop him up. He clung to the bartender’s thumb as he was lifted up, out from the shadows.

“Hey, champ,” Gabriel greeted him, smirking at the kid. Even to him, a head shorter than any of the other human-sized folk in the Lounge, Oscar was small when seated on his palm. “You got a job to do.”

Oscar huffed quietly and pushed himself to his feet. He felt like it hardly made a difference at all; he still looked so tiny on a hand. Whoever was still watching from other tables could probably hardly see him.

“I … I don’t want to,” he admitted, his voice breaking in the middle. His eyes stung and his vision blurred, but he tried to keep it together. He really tried.

The bartender’s eyebrows went up and he shrugged in a ‘what can you do’ manner. “I know it, kid. I put together a pretty sweet place to hang out. But right now you gotta go.”

Oscar took a steadying breath and some quiet tears raced down his cheeks. He couldn’t quite find the words to explain just how lonely he would be if he left. Here, he had multiple copies of his only friends in the whole world, and then some. Here, he was warm and safe and fed.

“I don’t wanna leave,” he echoed. He didn’t even try to brush away the tears this time and he sniffled. “Why can’t I just stay here?”

Gabriel sighed and his invisible wings shifted uncomfortably. He was all about playing pranks whenever possible. He reveled in the kinds of things humans could come up with on their own, and when it called for it a playful nudge was always ready. And, when he thought they needed to be taught a thing or two, he was right there with a lesson tailor made to them. Just desserts, like a cake with their names iced on the top right before he tossed them into a wormhole (to name one of his simpler examples).

This kid … as far as he knew, there wasn’t a lesson he needed to be taught. He’d definitely earned a chance to stay in a place as awesome as the Lounge, but…

“Sorry, kid. I don’t make the rules … well, I did. But they’re like that for a reason.”

Oscar stared imploringly for a second longer before ducking his head and brushing at his eyes. It only made room for more tears to come, as he all but gave up on his argument. He didn’t have it in him to fight hard like the Winchesters did.

“Woah, woah, buddy,” Gabriel said, interrupting the kid’s crying and ignoring the others completely. “I didn’t say you couldn’t come back, now did I? You just gotta go take care of something and then,” he snapped the fingers on his other hand, “you’ll be back and your friends will be waiting.”

Oscar didn’t look up, but he nodded anyway. He knew the Lounge would welcome him back, but he wished he didn’t have to go. Not back to what he had in his actual reality.

“I’ll getcha to the door, kid. You just gotta walk through it,” Gabriel told him gently. Oscar swayed on his hand as he moved, but Gabriel had steadier hands than any human alive. He knelt smoothly by the door to let the kid step off, never once jostling him on the way.

Oscar stood in front of the huge door while the bartender stood back to his full height and pushed it open with one hand. No one could really tell what was beyond that threshold. It was just outside the Lounge. Nothing more, nothing less.

Oscar glanced over his shoulder to see the others in the room one last time before he faced forward and walked through it.

The Lounge || Advent of the Deans (5 of 5)

“Milk for growing bones!” the bartender announced, dropping two cups off at the tiny bar for the young Sam and Oscar where they stood.

“What’s your story, kid?” called the smaller Dean from his spot. He patted the seat next to him. “C’mon! Join us!”

Oscar looked up from his hands, where he was counting out how many people were at the bar now. Realizing that the Dean over there– a Dean at his scale!– was talking to him, he perked up in surprise. “O-okay,” he answered, glancing to his Sam curiously.

There sure were a lot of Sams and Deans to keep track of.

He started towards the bar and finally noticed the biggest person there was watching him. His head tilted back to meet Jacob’s curious but gentle gaze. Even from up on the bar, he was huge.

“Hey, bud,” Jacob greeted as quietly as he could. His deep voice still startled the absolutely minuscule child. Oz couldn’t be much more than two inches, even smaller than the young Sam walking with him.

“Um. Hi!” Oscar replied, before finally reaching the bar. Scrambling up onto the stool next to the small Dean, he had to grip the edge to keep from spinning around on the stool. As fun as that sounded, he had at least one thing to set straight.

He stared in awe at the Dean his size. Still a much taller man. “I’m Oscar, ” he said, making sure the guy at least knew his actual name before the nickname sank in.

“And he’s shortstop,” regular Dean put in from behind their seats, smirking as his tiny doppelgänger’s annoyed scowl.

“My name is not shortstop!” he snapped up at Dean. “At least my ass ain’t the size of Texas!

“Oh, I’m shaking in my boots,” Dean said dryly, a wry grin across his face as he needled his tiny double.

“Dean, chill,” his Sam sighed, pushing against the hand Dean had draped near the tiny bar.

Once the smaller Dean was sure Dean was done with his shit, and the second Sam sat down next to his young counterpart, waving for his own beer, to the annoyance of the teenager Dean (“Everyone gets a drink but me,” he mumbled in annoyance.), the smaller Dean was able to focus on Oscar.

“Oscar, eh?” he asked, skipping on the nickname after his own trouble escaping his. “You been keeping these two out of trouble?”

The young Sam sitting next to Oscar pulled his cup of milk closer and giggled. “Only Dean gets himself into trouble!”

Oscar grinned and nodded, following along with his Sam and answering Dean at the same time. After watching so many of the others bicker, with other versions of themselves, he was almost surprised to be addressed again. Normally he’d be more frightened in this situation, but for now he was simply nervous, and that was normal for him.

He took a curious sip of his own glass of milk. The first time he ever tried it.

“I showed Sam how ta climb! I showed my Sam, anyway,” he explained, looking to the smaller Dean again and hoping for his approval.

“An’ I showed him how to get in the walls and hide and stuff, since he was new to being our size and he needed a teacher. I never got to be a teacher before. It was real fun, I wish…. I wish I coulda done more.”

The small Dean smiled, as proud as Oscar hoped. “You did exactly what you should.” Oscar beamed with pride of his own.

“See Sam?” the regular Dean nudged his Sam, noticing that the two older Sams were sitting on the outside of the bar, guarding the others. “You coulda gotten by without Walt!”

Sam huffed, pushing Dean’s finger away. “Looks like you did a good job,” he complemented Oscar, ruffling his younger counterpart’s hair. “And there’s always hope for another chance.” After hearing the kid’s story earlier, his heart went out for the youngest and scrawniest there. Oscar would be alone when he left the Lounge, the only one on his own out of everyone there.

“So what about you two?” the regular Dean turned the question around on the pair of tiny Winchesters. “I have got to hear about how you two hooked up with Godzilla over here!”

That Sam smirked. “It all started with this pie we found…”

“Do not insult the pie!” tiny Dean bitched, sweeping his slice protectively off the bar and cradling it close. “That was the best pie I’ve ever had!”

Jacob laughed, keeping it quiet for the small, sensitive ears of the smaller occupants of the bar. The nickname that his own Dean had given him almost sounded strange coming from someone else. It was another Dean, with a story of his own, arriving at the same exact jab at Jacob’s size.

“It was kinda a rough start,” he admitted, watching as little Oscar eyed the slice of pie Dean was defending. Without even having to ask, the kid had his own tiny slice placed in front of him by that ever-amused bartender. It was like he pulled things out of thin air.

“I was between jobs and I stopped at a diner, left a slice of pie in a to go box on the table. Someone couldn’t resist.” He winked at his own Dean, getting their story going while the others listened in.

Above their heads, the television screen rippled until the words Chasing Family were proudly displayed.

Soon, the bartender knew, more would join them.

The fun was only just beginning.

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