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It sounds like a good idea, but it wouldn’t go as well in execution. Sam’s skin is twenty times thinner than Dean’s, so just imagine having glue that’s twenty times stronger than normal glue on your skin. It might come off eventually, but it might take some of you with it! Medical tape would work better, but given a choice, Dean will use cloth wraps or gauze any time.

May 11th excerpt:

Sam was able to take the end of the gauze and tie up his hand. He held it up to show it off to Jacob. “What do you think? It’s like an oven mitt! I could be a cook!” Sam gave his new friend a big smile, wanting to make sure Jacob wasn’t upset anymore about letting him down. It wasn’t Jacob’s fault, and Sam didn’t want him to think it was.

Jacob grinned and snickered quietly. “Or a baseball player!” he added in, staring at the thick bandaging wrapped around that little hand. It made the injury look a lot worse than a scrape from falling down. Hopefully that meant it’d get better a lot faster. Jacob hadn’t even noticed the blood on Sam’s hands when he first picked him up.