May 19th excerpt:

Stan’s grip shifted slightly around the box as he settled in the driver’s seat. Without moving it, he tilted his head to look at the side where there was a thin gap in the cardboard so its passenger wouldn’t get stifled. Green eyes widened when they caught sight of something contrasting with the muted color of the box.

Fingers. Absolutely tiny fingers were holding on to the side of the box through that gap.

April 21st excerpt:

Green eyes that put Dean’s to shame, a shock of red hair that looked perfectly wild and a pale complexion that nearly matched the borrowers who never saw the sun, the man touched the glass near Dean with a long finger that outsized the borrower.

Captivated by the intense gaze, Dean couldn’t help but lean forward and flatten his hand against the side of the glass to see the sheer difference between them. Compared to Stan’s fingertip, his hand was too small to fill the entire area, the tips of his fingers falling just short. He could make out every crevice and crack, the whorls of a fingerprint clearer than the words Dean had carved into the wall of his cage.

September 3rd excerpt:

Jacob was greeted by the sight of a man in a leather jacket and jeans, hair in a casual spike and fierce green eyes. It had to be the very same Dean Winchester he’d talked to the day before.

Jacob could have sworn he saw a quick motion on Dean’s chest, ducking out of sight near the pocket there. Holy shit, he briefly thought, and willed himself not to glance directly at the pocket. Bowman had mentioned that if Sam wasn’t on a shoulder, he rode in a pocket. Either Jacob had tricked his own eyes, or someone was hiding there even know.

August 28th excerpt:

He glanced back to Bowman, who waited on his palm. “Y’know, Bowman, I think the more help we can bring in, the better,” he admitted.

Bowman perked up, and Jacob saw understanding in those green eyes. Bowman might not know how a lot of “human stuff” worked, but he was a smart little guy. “Dean and Sam,” he said.

Jacob nodded. “Dean and Sam,” he agreed. “I’m betting they can weigh in on this, too.”

April 9th excerpt: 

A wood sprite’s eyes were nowhere near as good as a hawks, but Bowman’s bright green eyes were keen as they scanned the next section of the enormous, boxy archive. The many unfamiliar things he could see from his high perch threatened to overwhelm his vision.

He crouched low to avoid being seen, his every nerve on edge at the thought of a massive, unknown human looking up and catching sight of him. He trusted Dean, and he trusted Jacob, but no other giant had earned that trust so far.

March 10th excerpt:

Once he was upright, Dean held the hand near his face, finally able to see Jacob clearly. “Hey kid,” he whispered. “How you feeling?”

Jacob’s eyes were wide as he stared back. He could see every freckle on Dean’s face, every minor shift of his irises as green eyes the size of Jacob dilated to focus on him. Jacob thought that he could be looking at a face projected on the Times Square coke sign and it would be about this big.

It was a discouraging thought that he needed to be this close for Dean to be able to see him clearly. There was no way for him to be sure exactly how big he was; he was certain the others had a guess as to his current measurement, but he wasn’t going to be asking that anytime soon. It had to be tiny if the simple action of Dean whispering sent a considerable breeze over his body.

February 22nd excerpt:

He couldn’t read Dean’s face, despite it being almost all he could see. The intense look in those green eyes coupled with the dispassionate announcement planted a seed of doubt. If Sam and Jacob didn’t have as much influence as they thought, Dean could do whatever he wanted about it and Bowman could offer no resistance. His heart fluttered, but he tried to draw himself up to his full height anyway and lifted his chin defiantly. “Where are you taking me?”

Dean glanced down at the sprite as he tucked the jar against his side. “Away.”

November 14th excerpt:

Before she could move a muscle, the gigantic hunter out in the reception hall glanced up at the vent. Those green eyes locked onto Krissy and the blood in her veins turned to ice. Recognition appeared in those eyes as she ducked down, shaking. Walt had once called it a ‘phobia,’ but it didn’t matter what they called it. Krissy was terrified of humans.

How?! her mind demanded. How does he know I’m here?! 

April 1st excerpt:

“Don’t worry, we know how to stay out of trouble … mostly,” Bowman said with a grin.

“I think he’s more worried about whether you will,” Jacob pointed out, getting a brief glare from Bowman’s bright green eyes. Jacob shrugged. “Just sayin.’ ”