Jacob wasn’t quite as young as poor Sam was when he shrank. He was 14 years old and already on his way to being tall, even if he wasn’t quite as tall as the then-20-year-old Sam that found him. Sam decided to take care of the kid right away, even giving up his dollhouse bed without even being asked. He knew how much it helped him with coming to terms with his new size, and he wanted to help Jacob with that, too (I know, they’re all such sweeties and really it’s deadly cute). At the time of Brothers Adopted, it’s been 3 years since Jacob was cursed.

For a reference, here’s about what Jacob looked like back then (only with brown eyes):


Oh, these brothers wouldn’t even know where to start if they switched places. Everything is suddenly small for Sam, and Dean won’t expect all the towering heights he’s surrounded with. They really aren’t prepared to walk in each other’s shoes, and Dean’s fear of heights would do him no favors. Sam won’t know his own strength at all, and he’s going to have an unnaturally fragile Dean around to watch out for. 

Brothers Asunder is brand new, and we came up with it on this Wednesday 😉 Soon we’ll have a sneak peek for it, and you’ll all see what’s in store in the new AU! We dreamed it up when we got in a prompt for a story, and as it turns out, we’ve got a ton ideas for it! Currently we’re working on Brothers Lost, so we just haven’t gotten around to drabbling out the spoiler for the series.


Dean, where are you?

Naming this one is turning out to be the hardest yet. Brothers Together got named about a week after we conceived it, and Brothers Lost only took a few hours for my cowriter to name… Brothers Apart had the name the moment I came up with the idea. And this story has been written on and off for over four months now and I’ve got nothing.

Any ideas out there? Maybe the name is just waiting for us to find it!

No, he is not going to do his song and dance and leave. What I said was after the contest I held last year (x) I asked PL1 to collaborate, and she agreed. This story is not for a contest. It is the tenth part of Brothers Apart, and canon in my series timeline.

There will be a contest soon, but LoS has nothing to do with it aside from being another of my stories.

As for what’s going to happen to Bowman, you’ll just have to read and find out.

A note from PL1: Bowman’s not much of a song and dance type.

In all seriousness, though. The contest last year was a grand time and I was incredibly flattered that it actually got nightmares to ask me to write with her. We’ve worked very hard on LoS, and hope you will continue to enjoy Brothers Apart. Thanks to everyone who gave Bowman such a warm welcome to the AU!

Currently, Walt is teaching Sean how to survive. The boy also showed an aptitude for tanning, so the next time they kill a rat he’s going to be assisting Walt in skinning it, jerkying the meat and tanning the hide. The next time they need boots, he’s going to be the one to try and put them together. The cursed boy needs to learn how to survive, plain and simple.

Life goes on.