November 9th excerpt:

Before he could retreat more than a hair, Sam darted forward with his own hands, landing them on top of John’s fingertip. “Agreed!” he echoed his older brother.

John’s finger nearly flinched in tandem with Dean’s much smaller hand, but he managed to breathe and keep it still, taking Dean’s cue for when to shake his finger up and down ever so slightly.

His eyes widened and his jaw nearly dropped when Sam’s tiny hands joined both of Dean’s.

November 2nd excerpt:

Stan stiffened from head to toe the second Dean set foot on his hand, struck by the no-longer-familiar sensation. He was just so tiny, most of Stan’s fingers outsized Dean and that was far from a comfort. Though Stan could only remember bits and pieces of the last borrower he’d ever held, he remembered them being so much bigger in his hands.

He wasn’t a child anymore. He’d grown up, and his hands were no exception.

November 1st excerpt:

“Why don’t you two hang out for a bit?” Nate suggested to the both of them, gently moving his hand away from his chest. He was careful to shift slowly so Dean wasn’t leaning on or clinging to his shirt; it wouldn’t do to have the little fella fall off his hand. “I’ve got dinner to start, shouldn’t take too long but I’ll need both hands.”

Despite blinking confusedly at Nathan, Stan’s hands rose to meet his as Nate held Dean out to him, and they stayed there awaiting the borrower.

October 29th excerpt:

Sam saw the look they shot him and could only put his hands up placatingly. “Oh, don’t mind me, feel free to carry on your conversation. Take your time.” The dry, flat humor in his voice was heavy, but he couldn’t say he minded, having two different people this size. Even with their numbers doubled and a discussion about weapons going on right in front of him, he couldn’t say he felt particularly threatened.

June 28th excerpt:

“Doesn’t exactly seem safe, running around in a room like that when I don’t know you’re there.” Sam held out the silver bullet that was pinched between his fingers, his last test unless he found some iron sitting around in the motel room. “See how this feels.”

“Yeah, because this is so much better than hiding,” Jacob muttered under his breath. He leaned skeptically away from the thing Sam held out to him so he could take a safer look at it. The shiny metal reflected his skepticism back at him in a warped image. Pinched in Sam’s huge fingers, the thing could almost disappear.

It was familiar, but Jacob couldn’t immediately summon up what that shape might mean.

April 30th excerpt:

Oscar was so dizzy from leaving the floor behind so fast that he almost didn’t realize what had caused it. With the words echoing so close to where he sat now, it clicked. He’d been picked up, plucked right off the floor. The hands cupped under him weren’t as massive as they would be if the human was fully grown, but that hardly mattered. Oscar’s weight offered no resistance at all.

He almost shrank away from the fingertip brushing his arm, but then I didn’ wan’ you running away echoed in his head in time with his desperate gasps. He was good and caught now. If he tried to run, he’d just be caught again.

January 4th excerpt:

The trip to grab food went without a hitch. Sam hovered his other hand over Stan to block him from sight of the attendant at the window. It was odd how peaceably Stan sat there, letting the brothers talk over him the entire time. If they didn’t address him directly, he didn’t go out of his way to catch their attention.

January 1st excerpt:

With the music barely loud enough to be heard, Sam relaxed a little, lifting up his cupped hands to peer inside. “You okay?” he breathed, forming a crack with two fingers that was just big enough to make out Stan’s tiny form huddled inside.

Stan could feel the tension leaving Sam’s hands just before they lifted. The quieter, darker environment he found himself in helped him relax a little, too, and he lowered his hands and picked up his head to find concerned hazel eyes peeking in at him.

He felt heat rising in his neck, and he was grateful for the darkness of the little alcove Sam had made with his hands. Stan was pale by nature, and the slightest blush was obvious in his complexion. Ever since Dean had told him to calm down, he’d been trying to do just that, in the hopes of appeasing him and his brother. He could only hope that such skittish behavior would be forgiven.

December 12th excerpt: 

Letting go of that finger, Dean moved over to Lestrade’s middle finger, deciding he would simply continue until he found one that he was taller in comparison to. He couldn’t be shorter than all of them…


Lifting up this finger just like the first, he looked at Sherlock with slightly unfocused eyes. “How ‘bout now?” he asked, his accent thickened with a distinct slur.

Sherlock rolled his eyes dramatically. “That one’s longer than the last.”