April 9th excerpt: 

A wood sprite’s eyes were nowhere near as good as a hawks, but Bowman’s bright green eyes were keen as they scanned the next section of the enormous, boxy archive. The many unfamiliar things he could see from his high perch threatened to overwhelm his vision.

He crouched low to avoid being seen, his every nerve on edge at the thought of a massive, unknown human looking up and catching sight of him. He trusted Dean, and he trusted Jacob, but no other giant had earned that trust so far.

September 10th excerpt:

That was how they drove for a while, Jacob manning the wheel while they just… went. There was no destination in mind, and the plans were to stop and check out the papers every few towns to see if there was anything suspicious going on. If not, they’d head back out. If there was, it would be time to grab a room and set up home base.

Dean, for his part, was perched like a hawk on the edge of Jacob’s shoulder with one hand on the collar for balance. He would eagerly point out the exits he wanted Jacob to take, somehow managing to meander their way throughout the state in a somewhat straight line. Sam ignored most of that, relaxing in his own spot.