May 28th excerpt:

“I wouldn’t call it short,” Dean said easily. “I’d say you’re just size-deficient.” He planted the tip of his index finger on Jacob’s chest and gently pushed him back towards the tape measure. He wasn’t about to take no for an answer. Based on the way Jacob was fighting against it, there wouldn’t be many chances to get his sizes for future clothing when Dean managed to find a store that sold more than just cheap barbie clothes. Maybe he’d get lucky and find a store geared just towards dolls. It might be more expensive but it would be worth it.

At the sight of Jacob’s exasperated struggles, Dean let out a small sigh and took slight pity on him. “Okay, how about this. I don’t even have to tell you how tall you are.”

May 27th excerpt:

Dean lifted up the measuring tape and dangled it close to Jacob. “It’ll only take a second.”

Jacob made a flat look at the tape measure, and at the notepad Dean had dragged closer. “No thanks,” he answered, sidling away from both pointedly. He had a feeling that the number, no matter how close or far it was from his estimation, wouldn’t be very encouraging at all. He was still small enough for Dean to drop in a pocket. “I already know I’m not winning any height contests here, so there’s no need.”

May 17th excerpt:

Jacob swayed in time with the car’s turn, gripping the pocket with white knuckled hands. He pursed his lips, doing his best to keep his mind off the huge stomach so nearby that occasionally voiced its hunger. He knew logically that he wasn’t in much danger from that, at least, but all the same it was unnerving to be so close to the sound when he knew he’d fit in Dean’s mouth. As the rumbling car pulled around the corner, Jacob took a slow breath.

April 22nd excerpt: 

“Didn’t we go over that I’m not that big for a human?” Dean asked, poking Bowman in the side. “I don’t cause earthquakes if I fall over!”

“Hey, watch it, giant!” Bowman groused, rustling his wings irritably. “You are plenty big for a human! You’re over six feet tall!”

“And don’t you forget it, small fry,” Dean shot right back, grabbing a few more chips in his hand. “It feels good to be the tallest.”

April 4th excerpt:

The fingers curled up around them as Dean put his entire hand in the pocket this time, knuckles brushing against the fabric bottom. Sam pushed a finger out of his way and Dean stretched them out, making it easy to slip down and drop to the bottom of the dark surroundings.

Once he was down, he stood and offered Jacob a hand getting down. Before Jacob could reach him, the hand started to lift away out of the pocket, Dean assuming that they were both clear of his hand. Sam didn’t need any more proof of the fact that Dean couldn’t feel Jacob on his hand at all, a concerning thought for them all.

“Dean, wait! " Sam shouted. He leapt forward, snagging a fingertip before it could raise up out of his reach.

April 1st excerpt:

After a few minutes of typing diligently away and loading up various pages, Sam realized he could feel eyes on him with more focus than before. A slight flush rose to his face, and he didn’t turn around at first, continuing to work despite the fact that he knew both of the other humans were watching him.

Sam used the arrow key to scroll down on his current page, putting off the time until he turned around to give his bright red blushing a chance to die down. Once he was sure it would be safe, he turned and paused.

The difference between Dean and Jacob couldn’t be more obvious. Dean almost took up Sam’s entire line of sight resting his head on his arms a few inches away from the laptop to watch Sam work. Jacob, on the other hand, was a small figure sitting on the thick plastic of the older Dell Inspiron, a few inches away from the trackpad. He wasn’t supposed to be so small. He was supposed to be bigger even than Dean, and it was unsettling. Sam would much rather have both his humans looming overhead as they were meant to.

March 31st excerpt:

There was something about seeing his own familiar phone on a huge scale, held easily in a hand that was even bigger. Jacob always knew his phone was on the little side, but it was a weird show of perspective to have it look both dwarfed in Dean’s grip and big enough that if it closed on him, it would crush him.

“Yeah, I mean, they’ll worry I might get cranky if I don’t get enough sleep,” he answered flatly, before looking back at the screen and sighing faintly. “Just, uh. Okay, tell her ‘vacationing with Lisongs,’ that should be enough.” He rubbed the back of his neck self-consciously, weirded out by the fact that he was asking someone else to do something as simple as send a text for him.

Dean’s thumb was bigger than Jacob, and as it navigated the buttons and punched out a simple message, he couldn’t help but wonder how much damage that much pressure would do if Jacob got in the way of it.

March 30th excerpt:

Jacob took a few careful steps forward, but he barely made it to Dean’s first knuckle before he stumbled and pitched forward. He tumbled head over heels onto Dean’s hand and a whuff of air rushed out of his lungs. He rolled to a stop on his back, his eyes wide and staring straight up. A few deep breaths restored his bearings, enough to realize he’d fallen right to the base of Dean’s fingers.

“Well that’s one way to do it,” he tried to play it off, but felt his cheeks heating up from the clumsy mishap.

Dean couldn’t hold in a chuckle at the abashed Jacob on his palm. As Sam grabbed his satchel, leaving his dirtied jacket behind, Dean shifted the hand a little so the flesh around Jacob was cupped, keeping him safely away from any edges as long as the fingers remained closed. It was strange to see how some of the wrinkles on his palm loomed over Jacob while he was lying flat on his back. Dean was careful not to pinch any of those tiny limbs as he shifted.

“Maybe you should let Sam give you some pointers,” Dean joked. “I think he’s the leading expert on standing on hands around here. He could even show you a thing or two about climbing.”

March 23rd excerpt:

“Dean,” Sam interrupted gently. The changing channels froze. “Jacob picked Star Wars.

Dean glanced over at them in surprise, a flush rising to his face in embarrassment. “He did?” His eyes flicked back to the television, switching back to the movie. “Sorry about that,” he mumbled, clearly upset.

Jacob chuckled sheepishly, once again reminded that just communicating with Dean had become an obstacle. His tiny lungs would need to work hard to produce enough sound for the huge hunter to actually register.

March 19th excerpt:

Dean laughed at his attempt. “I don’t know, half-pint. You might have some hidden strength in there that you’re saving for a special occasion. Meanwhile…” Dean folded all of his fingers but one into a fist, holding out his index finger to Jacob in a gesture that was far more considerate of his size. The end of the fingertip hovered about an inch away from the minuscule hunter. “Maybe you’ll have a better shot at the top like this.” 

“That’s more like it,” Jacob quipped. This time he didn’t hesitate to walk closer to Dean’s hand. The fact that it was as huge as it was still caused a lingering nervousness in the back of his mind.

He held out his hand for the comparison offered, staring now at the fingertip in front of him. From the tip to the first knuckle was almost Jacob’s body length. Jacob thought he might as well be looking through a microscope. He could see Dean’s fingerprints in stark detail. In fact, Jacob’s own fingers would probably fit between them.