Those are both such great movies, but not what Sam and Dean picked out this time (yep, they let the boys pick since none of them had any idea about what movies existed). They’ll have to have a few movie nights while Sam’s recovering, especially since their family can’t watch a movie without Dean around. Wizard of Oz for sure, such a classic. Imagine their faces if they see how big the Iron giant is compared to humans! @.@

Any other guesses for what’ll be playing on movie night?

Vulnerability – Helloootricksterr – Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]



A drunk Dean can sometimes get too upset at his life. Luckily, little brother rushes to help!


Based off an ask for the Brothers apart blog, this just came to me. its not too shiny but it works.

For everyone that reads BA, check out this lovely little story that y’all inspired with the drunk!Dean ask earlier on.

Story by helloootricksterr

Original Ask

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Vulnerability – Helloootricksterr – Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]

headcannon: Sam complains about pocket lint in his drinking cap, so Dean improvises and buys a tin of mints, empties it, and keeps Sam’s drinking cap and a few other Items for his brother in there. like a safety pin and a piece of one of Dean’s older shirts that Sam uses as a blanket in the car. in a pinch, Sam can fold his legs a little and use the tin as a bed. its not the most comfortable way to sleep but he doesn’t want to worry about falling off a shoulder while sleeping.




Plus side is he smells all minty when he wakes up, and Dean always makes sure the tins in a safe place while Sam sleeps away the car ride.

Sam HATES the mint smell. Dean thinks it’s absolutely adorable, but Sam uses scented floss enough that he’s grown to hate smelling like it. And even though Sam usually ends up on the shoulder anyway, the tin is nice when Sam isn’t particularly happy with Dean.

The tin is better than being stuck in Dean’s pocket when he takes a nap and he’s annoyed with Dean. Everyone needs some space from time to time and these two don’t get much most of the time