I don’t know why, but when looking at Brothers Chosen I started wondering how things would unfold if Sherlock was one of the small folk instead (maybe Watson too, but mostly Sherlock)

Tiny Sherlock would be a lot like tiny Dean in so many respects. So much attitude and bravado and bristle all packed into an itty bitty body, practically overflowing. Of course he’s still cleverer than all those humans, even if he is forced to stay in hiding most of the time, which he would be very grumpy about. Borrower Sherlock has a chip on his shoulder and a lot to prove.

May 23rd excerpt:

Jacob stumbled out of Dean’s grasp, halting where he stood as he took in the scene. To one side, a fork and knife more than twice his body length stretched out on a folded napkin. Jacob could see countless nicks and scratches in the metal from years of use. On the other, the laminated menu with occasional pictures of what the restaurant had to offer filled up plenty of space. The table expanded beyond that, shiny finish on polished wood adding to the atmosphere.

Above, a deer head mounted to the wall watched the rest of the room with glassy eyes from a better vantage point than Jacob had. He could hear other humans chatting, dishes clinking together, the chiming of the bell as yet more customers wandered in.

April 1st excerpt:

After a few minutes of typing diligently away and loading up various pages, Sam realized he could feel eyes on him with more focus than before. A slight flush rose to his face, and he didn’t turn around at first, continuing to work despite the fact that he knew both of the other humans were watching him.

Sam used the arrow key to scroll down on his current page, putting off the time until he turned around to give his bright red blushing a chance to die down. Once he was sure it would be safe, he turned and paused.

The difference between Dean and Jacob couldn’t be more obvious. Dean almost took up Sam’s entire line of sight resting his head on his arms a few inches away from the laptop to watch Sam work. Jacob, on the other hand, was a small figure sitting on the thick plastic of the older Dell Inspiron, a few inches away from the trackpad. He wasn’t supposed to be so small. He was supposed to be bigger even than Dean, and it was unsettling. Sam would much rather have both his humans looming overhead as they were meant to.

March 1st excerpt:

At one point, sitting casually in the living room, the sprites all seemed to simultaneously notice the shiny metal zipper keeping his black hoodie (an article of clothing that seemed to provide endless entertainment to the nestlings when he was the right size, always hiding leaves and seeds in the hood or pockets) closed. Bowman had seemed so unduly fascinated by the simple workings of it, but then again Jacob always reminded himself that the sprites were so isolated from humans that Bowman didn’t even know what they were when he met them.

They’d all wanted to try the zipper, just to see it in action on their scale. Jacob grinned faintly as Rischa zipped up his hoodie while he crouched for her. Her golden eyes were full of wonder at the “human magic." 

November 14th excerpt:

Before she could move a muscle, the gigantic hunter out in the reception hall glanced up at the vent. Those green eyes locked onto Krissy and the blood in her veins turned to ice. Recognition appeared in those eyes as she ducked down, shaking. Walt had once called it a ‘phobia,’ but it didn’t matter what they called it. Krissy was terrified of humans.

How?! her mind demanded. How does he know I’m here?! 

October 24th excerpt:

All his meandering thoughts were cut off when he saw Dean burst out of their front entrance, shoving the block of wood that served them as a ‘door’ out of the way in a rush. Sam skid to a halt, then couldn’t stop from snickering at Dean’s disheveled appearance. Even the spike in his hair was crooked.

“Dude!” Dean hissed, just as aware of the humans sharing the room adjacent to them. “What the hell! Where’ve you–”

September 1st excerpt:

“But humans are always going, going, going,” Oscar argued. To make his point, he gestured to the bathroom door and then swept his hand across to indicate the exit to the outdoors. That distance, to him, was a trek of several minutes. “Humans go like that so fast.”

He watched the screen as Sonic ran along a wall. Oscar at least knew enough to recognize that it wasn’t possible for anyone to do that, but it didn’t change his thoughts much. Compared to him, humans were fast indeed. “That’s why I gotta hide.”


23. Flowers

How could he?

Mallory found herself accidentally ripping the fabric in her aggravation, instead of her nimble fingers slipping between the threads to coax them apart. Dethreading like this was the best way to get workable string, that wasn’t too thick for their delicate skin. Coarse fabric might be fine for humans, with their impervious skin, but it would chafe a person Mallory’s size.

Walt had the audacity to tell her that she needed to stay in the house. As though he couldn’t stay home for once and watch their toddling daughter, only just now taking her first steps.

Bree sat to the side on the floor, enthralled with the fabric toy Mallory had made for her. She hefted it up with a quiet squeal of enjoyment, her mouth widening in a toothy grin. She already had all her front teeth, and the back ones were starting to peek out.

It wasn’t that Mallory didn’t love spending time at home with her daughter. It was the fact that Walt always wanted to keep her inside. He never brought home the right colors for fabric, and she just wanted a chance to go out searching for herself. She could always just leave one night, she supposed, but that wasn’t fair to anyone. At least she knew that Walt was going to be out. He would fret if she vanished, but they couldn’t leave their daughter alone to search.

A scraping sound came from the entrance to their small home under the floorboards, and Mallory glanced up. Walt could be seen coming in with a sheepish look on his face. His hands were tucked behind his back.

Mallory stuck her nose up and turned back to her fabric.

She did her best to ignore him as he came over to her, one hand gently stroking down her back. He gave her neck a kiss, and she tried to squirm away, refusing to let him win his way back so easily.

“I thought things over,” Walt whispered, and that caught her attention. His voice was truly contrite.

She turned to him to grace him with a raised eyebrow and a severe look on her face.

Walt knelt down, his right hand still behind his back. “I talked to Katrine,” he said honestly, but continued before she could berate him for going to her best friend behind her back. “She is going to watch Bree for us tomorrow, so we can go out.” He gave her a hesitant, hopeful smile, pulling his hand from behind his back to reveal a purple snapdragon.

Mallory gasped in surprise as her hands flew to her mouth. The scent that washed over her meant it was a real flower, carefully gathered from outside where the motel they made their home in planted its gardens.

She took it carefully, stroking the soft surface of the flower petal.

“I don’t want to keep you locked up inside,” Walt said, his blue eyes full of remorse. “I just don’t want the humans finding you. You don’t even have a way to defend yourself! I need you – we need you. So… I’m sorry?”

Mallory sighed, and wrapped her arms around him to forgive him. She planted a soft kiss on his lips before nuzzling into the crook of his neck. “So where are we going while Kat watches Bree?” she asked, a pleased smile on her face.

Walt put two hands on her shoulders, pushing her away so they could look into each other’s eyes. “I was thinking we could spend some time under the overhang,” he said, his eyes glittering with mischief.

The overhang was one of three places in the motel that they could actually sit outside and watch the world pass them by. Fresh air, the wind on their faces, and enough cover to keep out of sight of any birds of prey that might hover around. Too high up for the humans on the ground to see them. There was another place Walt knew of, one he hadn’t shown her, that he used for his leatherwork. He would stretch out the hides of any rats he found and killed in the motel and leave them to tan.

They’d lived there since before it was a motel, back when Trails West was simply a bed and breakfast. Walt knew the layout of the place better than anyone alive, better than even the humans. He knew where to tap into the water so no one would notice, he knew (and had built, as the humans built) many ways in and out of the rooms near where they lived.

“That sounds wonderful,” Mallory said, leaning her head against his chest and listening to his heart beat. It helped calm her, and took away the rest of her anger from earlier.

Bree giggled over in her place on the floor, and tossed her fabric up.

March 16th excerpt: 

“There are warnings that humans are dangerous to us. That they’d cage or eat a sprite, or pull at their wings.” Scar narrowed his eyes at this, looking thoughtful. Cerul could feel strains of doubt among his pensive friend’s restless emotions.

“Call me crazy but that nestling isn’t anything like that,” Scar insisted. “Even if he was … four and a half blasted feet tall, I doubt he’d want to hurt a fly.”

Of course! That little metaphysical ball of smoke knows no bounds and takes no prisoners! It’s time to be the big one for once and raise some mayhem.

Now just think of those exorcisms.

Ut Ecclesiam tuam secura tibi facias libertate servirete rogamus, audi nos! 

*Person coughs up tiny puff of smoke*

“Did you get it all? Do we need to say it again?”

*Tosses holy water on the befuddled person*