Wait how can Jacob lift 40x his body weight when he is only around 1/20 th of his original weight/height? Please check my math but wouldn’t this mean he would be able to lift a human easily?

Actually, only his height is a 20th of his original size. Thanks to the square-cube law, his weight is much, much less. 

@torchmlp was nice enough to do the math out for us, and they were curious about cursed Jacob’s strength compared to his weight, so they did the formulas out.

We know now that Jacob weighs about as much as three crayons, and 40x his weight is equal to the vase he was lifting. Dean, of course, can lift this vase in one hand and trap Jacob in a fist without the kid’s knack doing him a bit of good. 

If we took cursed Sam, cursed Dean and cursed Jacob, the difference in their strength would be that together, Sam and Dean at a regular height would be able to pick up the Impala and walk away with it, while Jacob by himself could do the same with even less effort. Just one kid. Walking away with that car (put it back!).

It’s very difficult to say who would have what knack! We’ve straightened out a few of the rules for their knacks, but each persons is completely unique. Siblings normally have abilities that complement each other, just like Sam and Dean. With no sibling, Jacob’s is standalone. The closer the siblings, the more their abilities complement each other.

Mallory would likely have something that would help her see into the hearts of others, while Walt would at least *want* something to help his family. That’s a cute thought for Bree! Very Alice-in-Wonderlandish.

He did have psychic visions in the Brothers Apart storyline, back at the beginning, but I’ve chosen to let them fade away in lieu of a different type of ability. So far, each victim of the curse exhibits their own particular knack. Sam can tell when someone’s looking at him, or searching for him. Dean can find whatever he needs. Jacob can lift many times his own weight. These begin at different ages for each character.

For the rest, there is a very specific plot that BA is following that will involve Yellow-eyes, Celeste, and John Winchester, and I can’t say much else or it’ll give away the story. Let’s just say that the demon hasn’t forgotten about Sam, and knows he’s out there.

Shrunken Jacob has super strength! All of the littles in the Brothers Apart related AUs have greater proportional strength than a human; this is why Sam and Dean in Brothers Lost can haul each other around like kittens. Jacob, however, has even more strength than that. It helps a ton that he can carry supplies that the others would have to leave. He can also open Tupperwares when they go to raid the kitchen, leaving a wider variety of food available for his family.

In fact he does! Just like Sam, Dean and Jacob, the moment he was cursed a part of his mind was unlocked by that same curse! This will be a theme that is touched upon heavily in the as of yet, unnamed twelfth installment of Brothers Apart (the story I am currently agonizing over), and Sean’s ability will be revealed.