Yes, there are two contests.

The first one will run through deviantart. All details can be found here. The entries must be submitted through that website with a link to the contest journal provided in the deviation.

The second contest is run through tumblr, for those that do not have a deviantart. Last year my contest was only on deviantart, but since then the fanbase of the story has expanded and it would be unfair to leave anyone out of a chance to win. All details for the tumblr contest can be found here, and the entries are accepted on tumblr,, and archive of our own.

Each contest has the same grand prize, and if three writing entries and three art entries are received for either, that contest will have two grand prizes, one for each category.

You can enter into both contests, but you must have a different entry for each. All art mediums welcome, so long as it relates to Brothers Apart or any of its AU’s!

Getting warmer, but nope, these are not what the mystery AU will be!

I might do something in the future with only Dean shrinking down being found by a kid. The interactions would be fun, and seeing how Sam comes in just as fun. Big-little brother to the rescue! Or something. But nothing on the table just yet.

A kid finding both shrunken brothers… I’m not going to say anything more than that might come up in Brothers Lost. Don’t want to spoil everything, after all. 😉

Naming this one is turning out to be the hardest yet. Brothers Together got named about a week after we conceived it, and Brothers Lost only took a few hours for my cowriter to name… Brothers Apart had the name the moment I came up with the idea. And this story has been written on and off for over four months now and I’ve got nothing.

Any ideas out there? Maybe the name is just waiting for us to find it!

It’s a good guess, but nope, the witch has not found Sam in this AU! I’m glad you’re excited for them, I’m gonna by dying of excitement by the time they’re all cleaned up and ready to post. And of course, maybe I’ll have even more AU’s by the time we get there.

So far we’ve got:

  1. Brothers Together
  2. Brothers Lost
  3. Kid finds Sam (really needs a name)
  4. Unknown (already has three stories sketched out in it 😉 I keep busy)