A World of Secrets

(Story 1 of the Brothers Unexpected series)

Cowritten by @nightmares06 and @neonwrite

After being attacked, Sam wakes up in a dark place, surrounded by strangers. He escapes them only to find that his life won’t be going back to normal any time soon…

Characters: Sam Winchester, Walt Watch, Jacob Andris, Mariana Andris, Nicholas Andris, Dean Winchester

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Artwork by @creatorofuniverses!

What would happen if kid Jacob found Oscar instead of Dean?

Oh my gosh. The two sweetest characters, as kiddos? It would be such a cute meeting. After Jacob calmed down enough to stop scaring the little guy, of course.

Jacob would probably pick Oscar up before anything else, which would definitely scare the bejeezus out of him. Oscar would have to curl up into a ball, and he would cry almost immediately, which would jar Jacob out of everything else. He’s a sweet kid and couldn’t bear to see a potential little friend crying, so Oscar would find himself in a hug with a kid younger than him trying to console him.

Once Jacob offers to share his snacks with Oscar, he’ll win him over. Food is the quickest way to Oscar’s heart.