There actually will be a prank wars, it just hasn’t posted yet. It’s coming up in story 11, along with all the angst we could ask for!

It was hard to get the storyline far enough along for Sam to become casual enough to try and prank his giant brother, especially after having his arm broken and going through all that stress back in Taken, but we’ve reached that point 🙂

If you’ve got ideas for pranks, go for it! It’s always fun to read what everyone comes up with.

A Different Perspective

Dean’s pov

“What the…”

Dean’s eyes blinked open as his surroundings inched towards clarity. His whole body protested moving from his comfortable position, but his curiosity proved to be more important. His blurry view was almost clear when, out of nowhere, two hands slapped over his adjusting eyes. This efficiently kept Dean from seeing past the secure grip. 

The hunter part of Dean immediately retaliated against being help captive. In turn, he thrashed in an attempt to free himself from the figure pinning him down. 

Oh hell no Dean thought as he curled his arm back in preparation for punch. 

Before he could slam his fist into the thing holding him down, he noticed a familiar voice coming from the same figure. 

“Dean, wait!” it said.

The voice stopped the hunter in his tracks. It was the voice of his little brother… Only Sam was normally shorter than Dean. Like, a lot shorter. As a child, Sam was hit by a witches curse that shrunk him to a whopping four inches tall. He survived on his own for several years until, he was lucky enough to cross paths with his older, and much bigger, brother. The two brothers now travel together despite the very noticeable size difference. 

“Sam!? What the hell is going on?“ 

Dean stopped fighting the second he recognized his opponent’s voice. He also realized the lack of a height difference between him and his little brother. At once a smile was on his face. The joy dean felt was over whelming at that fact that dean could see his brother as he was meant to. The joy, however, was cut short when Sam didn’t uncover his older brother’s eyes.

Damn the kid is strong! 

"Sammy, lemme go. It’s just me.” Dean said softly. 

He wrapped his fingers around Sam’s wrists to gently coax the hands off. The very fact that Dean could complete this gesture shocked Dean to the core. It was just so foreign for these brothers to have that kind of contact. Dean was thrilled he could even hold Sam’s wrists without the fear of breaking them. It was about damn time Dean gave his little brother a proper hug for the first time in several years. Only his little brother wasn’t letting go.

Does he think it’s not me? Dean pondered. It was totally possible in their line of work. 

Sam proved Dean’s guess wrong when he responded, “I know Dean, I know. Just… Uh… don’t freak out." 

Before Dean could question why Sam was so hesitant Sam removed his hands. Within that second Sam was being crushed via bear hug. 

The brothers clinged to each other. A sense of delight filled the air. They had each other – everything else didn’t matter.The world vanished around them as they hugged like it would be their last. 

In fact Dean was so overjoyed he didn’t bother to look around him.

He didn’t bother to note that his surroundings now towered over him. 

He didn’t bother to realize that he shrunk down to 3.6 inches tall…

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