March 31st excerpt: 

Jacob frowned faintly. He hadn’t expected the agent to make it this far into the woods so quickly, and normally he’d be sheepish about getting caught like this. But at the moment, he couldn’t think about that.

He’d seen just a hint of green in the man’s hands before he closed them up.

Jacob closed the distance between them, unable to stop himself from bristling a little. But, as he got closer, he forced his broad shoulders to relax a little and held up his hands briefly to show he carried no threats with him. He was cautious, but not aggressive.


“What’s in your hands?” he asked, not bothering to conceal the ice in his tone.

March 30th excerpt: 

Rischa’s eyes were wide in the dark.

She’d only noticed a shadow descending on her before something large and fast closed around her, trapping her body and her surprised, fluttering wings in a small space. The shape of the light that leaked in showed the silhouettes of fingers clamped tightly around her.

“Oh,” she breathed, her heart beating faster. The human’s feelings crashed around her in a startling clarity, and she was immediately certain that it wasn’t Jacob.

A giant she didn’t know had snatched her up, and no one even knew she was out there.

“Oh no.


That is correct, wood sprite wings do have chlorophyll in them facilitating the photosynthesis. However, the extension is not also true. Leaves change color in autumn because they slowly stop producing chlorophyll, so their natural colors begin to show through until the green is gone. However, wood sprites don’t stop this production. That’s where the big differences between their wings and real leaves show through; real leaves eventually die off because of the winter months, and not pulling in enough energy is a part of that. Wood sprites must keep their wings, of course! 🙂

That said, if a wood sprite’s wings did stop producing chlorophyll for some reason (sickness, for example), then their wings would look grayish. They don’t have other pigments in the wings hidden by the green.