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In coth(bf) we’ve gotten sneak peeks of a certain shrunken Logan, which was probably the result of the mushroom. In ttol’s(ba) sneak peeks we also got to see him in his shrunken state, although I think it’s more likely that in this au he’s under Celeste’s curse (it looks like he’s got a knack – speed/fast runner). Both scenarios are shrinking curses by angels(archangels) -do they have anything else in common? What are the differences between Celeste’s curse and the Gabriel’s wonderland mushroom?

You’ve got a good bit of this right, but #ttol definitely does not happen in Brothers Apart! Logan is not under Celeste’s curse.

(I did tell @neonthebright that now she should totally come up with a knack for him tho….)

As for poor Logan. Gabe will be the first person to admit the mushroom’s great power is– you got it!– shrinking! And that’s it. He designed it on a whim, spotting his sister dear’s interest in this group and decided to give them a test of his own making.

Since he is a trickster, his tests are not always survivable, and this one especially so. Bite the mushroom, shrink. He never really thought someone might bite it again! So there was no built-in defense to prevent Jake from shrinking a second time.

(Bite it a third time and we might be getting into the realm from The Incredible Shrinking Sam and neon cringes). 

So the main difference between Gabriel’s mushroom and Celeste’s curse is the amount of thought that went into their plans. Hers has spanned generations, and she has carefully cultivated her experiments until finally reaching the point where it’s ready to come to a head, while Gabriel? Saw a mushroom, pointed, said “Boo!” and shrank the teddy.

Play more Super Mario, Jacob.

December 6th excerpt:

“Our work saves people,” Sam pointed out the flaw in Logan’s argument. “After this,” he waved at Logan’s size, “are you really going to argue against magic and monsters? With me?

December 5th excerpt:

“Oh?” Sam said blandly. "Are you sure you weren’t imagining these ‘other sprites?’ I know people like me are easy to mistake… I’ve heard house elves, gnomes, borrowers… sprites is a new one…”

He received a flat look in return. “I didn’t know what the fuck you were,” Logan assured him. “Still don’t. But you’re not a sprite, that’s for damn sure.”

December 3rd excerpt:

For a moment, Logan thought Dean had shoved him into the exhaust pipe, a dark metal corridor that he wanted no part in. He could only imagine toxic smoke belching forth out of the dark to smother him. However, when he jolted to his feet and checked his hands, there was no grimy residue, only some dust. His frown deepened as he tried to figure out what the opening was even for.

“Are you kidding me? What if there is something that bites me all to shit?!” he called down.

“Just kick it!” came Dean’s not-so-helpful advice. “You’ve got boots, put ‘em to use!”

December 2nd excerpt:

Logan had no idea what was to come. Uncertainty was unsettling, and nerves only begot more griping. “What are you expecting me to help with? Can’t really do an oil change like this.”

“Trust me, the day I need help doing an oil change is the day I don’t deserve the car,” Dean muttered as he repositioned himself underneath the entrance to the panic room tunnel.

December 1st excerpt:

Dean hesitated when he heard the small voice cut across the quiet morning air.


He’d become so tied up in his repairs, he’d forgotten all about the other hunter. A smile quirked at the edge of his lips as a thought occurred to him.

Logan probably wouldn’t like it.

October 12th excerpt:

In the jar, Logan was behind on working out what was going on. His restless sleep had ended to the loud rumble of the drawer on its track, followed by nauseating motion. It was all he could do to curl up and cover his neck with startled hands as the hard walls of his prison moved about.

September 16th excerpt:

That dog had been a thorn in his side for weeks. Logan glared at what he could see of Rumsfeld over the edge of the nightstand. Damn dog didn’t bark at Sam like a chew toy.

Maybe there was something to that.

September 3rd excerpt:

Dean knelt down right outside his guest room and rubbed the dog’s head. “You going to be our guard dog while we stay?” he asked knowingly.

Rumsfeld yelp-barked and nosed at the spot on Dean’s chest where Logan was hidden.