Emotional Manipulation

anonymous asked:

So there are borrowers who can read others’ emotions, but could a borrower potentially exert their own influence on others’ feelings? Like, say a borrower encounters a disgruntled bean—they’d be able to take the edge off of their anger with a knack? 🙂


This style knack is not only possible, we have a few characters that will show up with it!

If Chase is ever one of the cursed children, this would be his knack!

Emotional manipulation: The ability to influence the emotions around him, with no need for physical contact. A way for Chase to keep the peace among whichever group he’s in, or, if he can manage to get close enough, make a human tired or inattentive enough to escape notice. 

Another character, who remains unrevealed as he has not appeared in any posted stories and no one has guessed his knack, will have a similar ability, weaker in some ways and stronger in others. While Chase can manipulate from a distance, this person needs physical contact, but they are also strong enough, if they focus, to also affect borrowers. It’s very rare that borrowers can affect each other, because the angel Grace in them also gives them a buffer against outside manipulation.

Since I had left Chase, Minnie and Bobby Loran off of the knack masterpost, I have since added them and their knacks to it!

It’s never occurred to him, no.

Compared to most of the borrowers/littles that live in the walls, he and Walt tend to stand out with the weapons they have. A lot will try to stay out of the way if there are rats around, and hate the possibility of drawing attention. Sam and Walt would confront rats and take them on with a knife and razor without a problem.

They tend to be more ‘foragers’ than ‘hunters’ when it comes to getting food, and though Sam’s used a gun before in his past before shrinking, he never considered the alternative of a bow and arrow.

If he had one, it would be a better weapon to threaten with since he could aim for someone’s eye. It doesn’t matter that he’s small if he’s going to blind you.