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For the AUs where one of the boys is saved after being cursed, and they both go to school together, what do you think would happen if the fire alarm went off while they were there? Probably have to cover their small ears for that amplified noise😅

The poor smol wouldn’t have a good day at all!

A loud noise like that, especially some of the alarms I remember from school, would likely deafen the smol temporarily. Especially if they don’t have enough warning to cover their ears. 

The rest of the day, the larger brother would have to spend their time miming what they can, to try and get themselves across. And since the smol can’t hear themselves, they end up shouting! A lot! Because they can’t hear! 

It would wear off later on in the day, but boy will that be an Adventure™. 

Believe it or not, I am no expert in vocal cords and vocal pitch. I am mathematically trained, and I work in numbers. These are questions you might want to pose to an expert.

As for my story, I do prefer to keep science out of it. At its core, Brothers Apart and all subsequent AUs are based in the supernatural, with witches and demons and curses that shrink people down. I personally despise the ‘squeaky voice’ trope, so if you read a story by me you can assume all characters sound ‘normal.’ Whether this is me taking liberties is up to you, but until we actually have a person cursed to under four inches tall, none of us are the experts.