Brothers United Sneak Peek

anonymous asked:

Can we please have another sneak peek of Brothers United. I read the first few and really loved it.

I can spare a small one for today, but this story is currently paused on writing, so we won’t be able to show much more of it without giving everything away!

Rest assured we have plenty of plans, but work and stress have been getting in the way of writing…

It seemed to be Oscar’s moment. Dean had given up on his homework, a few hastily scrawled answers in place to keep Sam happy, and he’d turned more towards the television than the table, so he missed Oscar’s furtive movements.

Sam, whom Dean considered too open and nice to be in the life they dealt with, continued blithely working on his homework, convinced Oscar wouldn’t want to leave on them, especially not without saying goodbye.

Oscar reached the edge of the table unhindered and breathed a sigh. With every quiet step, he anticipated the shadow of a hand falling over him to scoop him up. His nerves were frayed when he looked over the edge, but not from the heights. After being kept close by humans for almost 24 hours, he had a shot at escape.

He glanced back. Their attention was off him.

October 23rd excerpt:

Sam rolled his eyes with a resigned huff of amusement. “Dean calls everyone by a nickname,” he explained to Oscar dryly. “I still can’t get him to stop calling me short.”

“You are short!”

Sam glared at Dean. “Just you wait!” he threatened. “One day, I’m gonna be the tallest. Even taller than dad!

October 21st excerpt:

Sam cupped his hands, looking hopefully up at Dean.

With a sign, Dean flipped open his pocket. “Just remember to keep him out of sight when we’re close to the motel,” he warned Sam as he scooped up the kid and handed him over.

September 20th excerpt:

Curious about what was going on, Oscar worked up the courage to pull himself towards the opening of the pocket. All he needed was a glimpse of where they were going, and he could hop back down without even Dean noticing. He hoisted himself up to the edge and paused before shakily trying to nudge the pocket flap just enough to peek past it.

September 19th excerpt:

Seeing that Dean was about to take him out of the hidden confines of the pocket, he curled up into a ball again. Part of it was from nerves, but Oscar knew he needed to help the humans keep him a secret here, no matter what. Even if it meant coming out for a few seconds to go to a different pocket.

September 18th excerpt:

Sam looked worriedly at Dean. “You gotta be careful with him!” he warned quietly.

With a rueful grin, Dean shook his head in exasperation. “I take care of you, right?” he reminded Sam. “He’ll be fine with me.”

Reaching for Sam’s pocket, Dean flipped open the flap and went to scoop the kid up into a confined fist to avoid anyone else spotting what they had hidden.

September 13th excerpt:

Lunch for the day was pizza. Sam was near the end of the line, impatiently tapping his feet as he waited for the lunch ladies to slowly dole out the sub-par food. Most students complained, but it was a nice change from what he and Dean ate at the motel, depending on the day.

After he had his pizza, apple slices and soda, Sam glanced around for the kids he knew, then took a second to drop a bit of the apple in his pocket, then walked quickly over to the table to take a seat with the others.

September 12th excerpt:

“Hey!” Sam called out, spotting Marissa from class.

She smiled back at him. “Better hurry, Sam,” she called back. “Can’t be late!”

Speeding up his gait to keep up, Sam blended into the mass of kids as they re-entered the classrooms after a day away.