Sam’s fine with animals. He adores mice and puppies, is properly wary of any snakes, spiders and rats, and would probably bug Dean to go see all the puppies while they’re there. Kids are a whole different story because of the trauma he went through in BA as a kid, so he’ll stick close to Dean anytime kids are around.

XD He wouldn’t be the biggest fan of hamster balls, but the tunnels that connect all their cages would be fun to explore.

Sam totally flopping with all the mice tho.

April 27th excerpt:

Sam went to jump out as it came up next to his beam, almost tripping over himself in his surprise. It was just a mouse. He let out a laugh of relief as it sniffled at his jacket sleeve, bright eyes blinking up at him. “Holy crap, I thought you were a rat.” Sam brushed a hand over the rounded ears. Mice weren’t dangerous to him or Bowman. “You should be more careful. Where’s your family?”

Oh, Sam! Don’t go in there!

I think he would be so surprised to see such big creatures afraid of him, all four inches of him in their cage. And those other littles will have to keep him away from any clowns because my god XD Giant clowns are not something for a wee Sammy. Dean is going to have a field day with this one if he remembers. 

That would be so much food, for sure. So many people knocking over popcorn and spilling their drinks and candy, it’s like a field day for the smols and their mice, because of course they’ll have a group of mice living with them. It’s probably nice and warm to snuggle with the mice when it comes time to go to bed. Sam will love that. 

XD Aww, it’s an adorable idea but not quite up my alley! Plus, I wouldn’t want to steal the title of ‘mouse whisperer’ from Oscar. Sam’s skilled with mice, but Oscar’s best friend was Rita the mouse as a kid and she helped him survive when his mother vanished. ;o; She brought him food and let him hug her when he was really sad, and since then he’s made sure to imprint on all the new litters of baby mice. Mice only live a couple years, and Oscar has seen many generations go by while he’s the honorary mousie himself.


This is a special prompt, inspired by several different asks I’ve received recently. Which ones will remain unknown until the story conclusion. Walt’s background has been planned out for a long time.

BA Canon: Yes

Timeline: 1980

( Part 1 of 6 )

It’s funny how silence is.

It creeps in on you, weighing you down like a tangible substance.

Every sound becomes magnified.

A creak in the wall could be the end approaching. The quiet rustle of the curtains against the window was a threat in the still air.

The silence itself will eventually become deafening. All thought is washed away in the stillness. It is like the roar of the ocean as it wears down the shoreline.

Walt sat in silence.

His eyes remained glued on his greatest enemy. His nemesis. A construct created by humanity for the purpose of keeping things they wanted to keep. A pet, an object, not a person with a mind and will of his own. Trapped inside a steel mesh cage with wires that were thicker than his fingers. A human might hope to bend them. Walt would never be so lucky.

He stared at the lock that sat innocuously clasped around the cage door.

For days he’d sat inside the cage. Trapped like nothing more than an animal. Fed a base diet of stale crackers and water almost absently by people that couldn’t be bothered to care about the person they had snatched away from his life.

Mallory must think he was dead.

It was what he’d expect if he was the one waiting. To be caught and killed. Humans thought they were pests, after all. Rodents to be snuffed out. If the careful gathering of supplies went noticed by the humans that ran the small bed and breakfast, Trails West, mouse traps would begin to appear around the kitchen areas.

Those were dark times. The small people that lived in the walls would do their best to help their only allies in the world, the mice, find food. Everyone would have to band together, and even that was dangerous. Gathering all the families in one place would put them all at risk, make them easier to find.

But sometimes it needed to be done.

There was safety, and danger, in numbers.

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Poor Sam. He’ll have to find a way to let Dean know it’s him. Maybe he can get some of his pencil lead out of the desk and scratch out a message for Dean. It won’t be easy, but mice are crafty little guys. Sam can manage it. Dean will never let him live it down, that’s for sure. And for the next few days he’s got a mouse in his pocket, keeping Sammy safe.