November 7th excerpt:

Right after spotting Sam, Jacob’s eyes flicked to the bundle of money next to him. It was big enough that Sam would have a hard time wrapping his arms around it, whether or not he could lift it. A willowy sprite like Bowman would have even more trouble. Even with Sam only standing at four inches tall, that amounted to a lot of cash.

Holy shit. Sam’s loaded.

November 6th excerpt:

Sam paged through a few, checking the amounts and remembering what Dean had sternly taught him. Sam had no use for the money himself; he was able to survive off what he found, but Dean had refused to take no for an answer.

It’s what I’m good for, right? Teachin’ my little brother the ropes?

May 10th excerpt:

Dean’s hand eclipsed the top of the pocket, blocking out any sight of the world above. All he saw was the massive silhouette of a hand more powerful than Jacob could imagine. And it was reaching right for him. Too fast for Jacob to react, fingers the size of pillars settled around the money (and him) at the bottom of the pocket like a domed cage. They started to close in on him from all sides.

Damn … the one time he’s not using his fleet of fraud credit cards!