October 31st excerpt:

“Sprites are pretty out there, as far as what we deal with. Interviews are a little more on the ordinary side of hunting,” Sam continued his explanation. “Sometimes, the monster we find isn’t the monster you expect. The werewolf next door. A haunted house is really haunted. Someone hiding a deep, dark family secret. The only way to get to the bottom of those isn’t to run in, guns blazing. You’ve gotta talk it out, slide past law enforcement and get rid of the monster before it strikes again. Police just ain’t equipped to handle a monster that only dies to silver bullets.”

After another moment of thought, Sam shrugged again. “Not that I ever do the interviews. That kinda thing is up to Dean.”

They would start by (hopefully) finding out what the lion is.

(I mean, half the time they charge in half-cocked if people are in direct danger, but they prefer to do their research first).

First would be to get innocents out of the way. At a zoo, they might end up helping the zookeepers get some of the animals out of the way so they don’t lose any of them, especially those endangered species.

Just gotta save the girl the lion took as a hostage to lure the hunters to it.

Finding something to kill it with would be work, since it can’t die by any mortal weapons. Angel blades would be easiest, if they knew any angels at the time. Definitely not a mortal weapon, and almost nothing can stand up to it.

Dean might be tough, but he’s not as strong as Heracles, so he wouldn’t be able to strangle the lion if an angel blade isn’t an option. His best option would be shooting it in the mouth, if he figures out its weakness.

Monster gets the gank, hero gets the girl. Sam rolls his eyes.

Sam has a fear of kids in BA and BL both, so he would be wary and staying as far back as he could. If Jacob was unconscious close by, he would try and revive him.

Dean’s really good with kids, even the larger ones, so he’d do his best to coax the kid. They need to get out of there, and the kid is the best one to do it. I have faith Dean will be able to get them to respond to him, and maybe go find Jacob.