Remember in taken from brothers apart that dean took the borrowers from that motel? What if they had to stop on the way (plot reasons) and found knights inn, took him and everyone else to trails west?

The BA bros would be amaze to meet Oscar! He’s done so much, surviving on his own that long!

They would certainly offer, since they’re helping so many others relocate at the time. Oscar wouldn’t have to live on his own, and he’d have more of a support system than he does at his current place, where the others live so far apart.

Plus, Sam always can drop in on their friend and make sure he’s doing okay in his new home. 

September 2nd excerpt: 

“Got the room number?” Dean asked Sam, who was down on the seat next to him, messing with the phone. Jacob’s text had come in, spelling out the room he was in and what car to look for.

“Room one-oh-four,” Sam called up, pushing the phone aside.

Dean eyed up the parking lot, spotting the Mercury Cougar parked out front the designated place. “This has to be it,” he said, holding out a hand for Sam.

August 31st excerpt:

“There’s a motel in town,” Jacob said, remembering. “I can just grab a room there for tonight, we’ll meet there when you roll in and then come out to the woods, sound like a plan?”

“Sounds like a plan,” Dean confirmed. “Send a text when you’ve got a room, we’ll set up our base of operations there in case we’re around for longer than a few days.”

“Since you’re so great at camping,” Sam said under his breath with a grin, getting Dean to nudge him with one of the fingers spaced around where he crouched. Raising his voice, Sam finished off the call. “Bowman, don’t worry, we’ll be there soon and we’ll figure this out. Just hang on.”

It is a psychic ability, so it would respond the same as it would to anyone else seeing him. He’d get a general sense of unease, the strength of it depending if he’ll be in any danger from the person seeing him, and know to duck instantly out of sight, hopefully leaving the birdwatcher to assume they’re seeing things. Range doesn’t matter for this ability, only the act of being seen

If Sam was to do the entire motel, it could easily take a month or more if he wanted to cover every possible place that littles could be. For his purposes, he will stick close to Dean’s room and look at the closest hallways. He’s checking for signs that anyone lives at the motel; small bootprints, signs that the inner wall has been modified to be more accessible, stuff like that.

He won’t ask to stay in a motel after their hunt is done unless he finds trace of his people.

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I actually have a few ways I imagine it! We have the initial layout from the first story of Brothers Apart:


The arrows and circles showing where Sam and Dean were standing on their initial first encounter, small escape paths and entrances for Sam marked at the sides.

Then we have the actual layout of the real Trails West, another good reference for the room:


It depends on the motel. Most likely for a few hours each night if he has the time during a hunt. If he ever lucks out and finds people, he wouldn’t be back that night unless they rejected him – a painful possibility for a little guy who travels with a human! Dean gets a bad rep just because of what he is. If instead Sam finds rodents or insect infestations, he will get out of there and stay in the room. (Mice don’t count, Sam loves mice.)

With Dean’s particular skill set, that’s never been an issue. If he ever locks himself out, he can break back in without a problem. He’s a master at picking locks and stealing cars, and now he’s got a four inch brother who can even get into the walls and practically vanish if he needs it. (You can definitely lock yourself out of a motel but the front desk can usually get you in without a problem ) 

They will get in, I guarantee it.

For people Sam’s size, any type of pesticide would be devastating. If they get caught by surprise, they’d die. If they caught wind of the pest control before it happened, they’d have to relocate. Even after pest control is gone, the little guys live deep in the nooks and crannies of the motel so there might be poison lingering in the area that could either kill them or cause long term health complications and when you’re that size and have no access to a doctor, that’s something you’ll want to avoid.

Of course, relocating is a danger all on its own.

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