And we have our winner!

In our new AU, Brothers Consulted, Sam and Dean were captured and sold off as kids, but found their way to safety and a family that helped them out. Over a decade later, they move into a new home to strike out on their own, but the inhabitants turn out to be more perceptive than they expected…

The official sneak peek will post at 8:30pm!

It might have gotten eaten (*shakes fist at tumblr*), though if it was sent in as a prompt it might not have been answered because I’m so buried under life I don’t have the energy for prompts unless I’m hella inspired.

We definitely have more ideas for BT, like the Oscar shorts that come out from time to time. He’s not been forgotten! For myself, I’m not sure if I’ll be doing anything more with the young bros in BT (though there’s lots planned with the young bros in BU), but there will be stories from their adulthood.

Sam would try and hide nightmares like that from Dean as much as he could. He won’t want his older brother to feel bad just because he’s so big. A good nightmare deterrent will be spending the night sleeping in a pocket, very warm and safe, though Dean won’t willingly let him the first time, thinking of all the things that could go wrong (like him rolling over), and he’ll probably wake up one morning with Sam all curled up in there after a nightmare.