Future Things in BC

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Will Sam ever meet Mycroft in BC?

It’s not going to be for a long, long time, but yes! We do have plans where Sam will also have the chance to meet Mycroft!

Stan Baker is the agent that they’re going to be in contact with most often, and will be doing the legwork when it comes to any jobs Mycroft has, but we will see Mycroft himself returning in the future. We have quite a bit of the story for BC plotted out, the main task now is actually getting it written down and edited up for posting. Things are getting easier now that @borrowedtimeandspace has graduated college, we’re hoping to hop back into this.

It’s quite fun to put these characters from Supernatural and Sherlock in the same rooms with each other, we’re never quite sure exactly how they’ll react!

He will be showing up sooner than you expect! After all, we couldn’t have a certain someone in the series if his boss wasn’t around!

Someone will be by,” Mycroft confirmed. “Unless, of course, you refuse…

The younger Holmes scoffed, knowing there really was no option despite Mycroft’s coy implications. “How could I refuse?” With a faint scowl, he hung up with more force on the button than necessary.

“Hope to God he’s not sending a helicopter,” John muttered, running an exhausted hand down his face.

“H-helicopter?” Dean repeated, swallowing nervously.

Well, I mean–

Barely an hour had passed before Sherlock’s mobile rang, making Sherlock freeze in place and John’s head snap up to lock eyes with him. The detective whipped out the phone and checked the caller ID.

“It’s Mycroft,” he confirmed.

John’s brow arched. “That was fast–”

Dean! ” Sherlock called, cutting off John’s comment as he took long strides toward the kitchen.

Lestrade was more than a little frustrated, having drilled every single guard who’d had shifts since the day before, and all of them swore up and down that nothing had happened. None had let anyone into the crime scene for any reason since last Lestrade had been there. Storming back up the stairs, Lestrade swore that if Sherlock didn’t have a good reason for this…

Well, he didn’t know what he was gonna do, but he was sure it would come to him.

All feelings of exasperation were out the window as soon as Lestrade stormed in to find Sherlock flat on the floor near an air vent in the wall, giving him an almost feral look. He quirked an eyebrow at the detective until his gaze wandered to the small figure in front of him.

The small, shouting figure.

We totally haven’t not written this exact thing out already…