June 4th excerpt:

“So, er, what’s your name?” Stan asked, reluctant to call him by a name on a tank. “I’m Stan.”

“Oh, um,” Dean hadn’t expected this question from Stan. His name– most of his name– was on the side of the cage he was in when they first met. Stan could use it, he could decide to change it, and instead he was asking Dean.

Maybe he just wanted to hear Dean say it?

With an internal shrug of what can you do? Dean tilted his head back to meet Stan’s gaze. “Dean Win– Dean Wire.”


Artwork by @wolfie180g!

August 28th excerpt:

“D-” he enunciated, and then immediately paused. His cheeks turned red while he whispered the sounds he knew to himself, trying to work out the pair of vowels. His hands worried the strap of his bag. “Eh, ah, um…” He huffed quietly and then his eyebrows shot up. “Dean?” he tried, saying it slowly and looking up at the human with a hopeful glint in his eyes.

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Sean is pronounced “Shawn”

It’s an Irish name. Trust me, I grew up with an Irish last name all the way until I got married. No one ever seems to get the pronunciations right, and it was a major source of entertainment to me to see how many different spellings or attempts at saying my last name that I could get.