So I noticed that the human scientist from Out Of The Frying Pan and the one from A Burglary At Baker Street (at from what I could see from the sneak peaks), kind of resemble each other – blond, pale grey cold eyes, freaking EVIL… Are they the same guy? And if so, does that mean we’ll get to see Xander, Barry and Garen in Brothers Consulted?

The two scientists are unrelated, but good catch!

The scientist from Out of the Frying Pan belongs to @nightmares06 , while the one from A Burglary at Baker Street has been designed and created by @borrowedtimeandspace, so any resemblance is pure coincidence!

There’s no plans currently to bring Barry, Xander and Garen over to London, but who knows? We might see any characters from BA in BC if the story calls for it!