A World of Secrets

(Story 1 of the Brothers Unexpected series)

Cowritten by @nightmares06 and @neonwrite

After being attacked, Sam wakes up in a dark place, surrounded by strangers. He escapes them only to find that his life won’t be going back to normal any time soon…

Characters: Sam Winchester, Walt Watch, Jacob Andris, Mariana Andris, Nicholas Andris, Dean Winchester

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Artwork by @creatorofuniverses!

Andris Household Floorplans

Originally requested by Luminous Arc

The Andris family has two households that might be relevant. When Jacob’s father was still alive, the family lived in a small one-story home. In the present day as far as most AUs are concerned, Jacob, his mother Mariana, and his stepfather Mike live in a two story house that’s slightly nicer than the one before.

AUs featuring the early house: Brothers Unexpected, Brothers Adopted (without Jacob around, Mariana never moved even after remarrying), and Brothers Sought.

Otherwise, the second house will be the layout for the stories.

Pictures to follow (I didn’t use a ruler and my handwriting is a thing, hopefully it’s all clear).

At this time, I don’t have individual room layouts planned out (and I forgot to mark the archway into the living room from the hall), but in general this was a crowded but loving home. Jacob enjoyed his childhood in this home and spent a lot of time playing in the backyard.

Rooms aren’t perfectly scaled here, but this is the general idea of the house seen in most of the AUs.

Furniture sketch layout. It’s very basic but this is the general layout of the important rooms in the Andris home. One of Mariana’s jobs is a work-from-home job, and she does her work at the desk in the living room; however, everything is kept very tidy and clean. Things are less crowded here, but it’s still a very warm and inviting place.

Reader message

Luminous Arc asked:

What stories do you recommend reading that star Jacob’s family more prominently? I’d love to learn more about them. Additionally, is there a (general) floor plan of his house? 

You’re actually in luck very soon!

Though we do have Jacob’s family at least touched upon in a few other stories, his home will be featured a lot closer in the upcoming story There’s No Place Like Home in Brothers Lost. This will begin posting after A Burglary at Baker Street ends later this year. There is no current posting date at this time.

We do see Jacob’s mom and stepfather appear briefly in the first story of Brothers AdoptedFamily Ties. Mariana wasn’t at her best in that story by far after dealing with Jacob’s ‘death’ for so long.

You can also see Jacob’s father, Nicholas Andris, appearing in the short story Doing Good, Kiddo? Warning for a very upsetting story dealing with cancer.

In the future, Brothers Unexpected will have Sam adopted by Jacob’s family growing up, so we will be seeing more of all of them! Jacob’s a big part of the multiverse storyline now, and he’s certainly the adopted little brother of the group.

Neon drew up floorplans and layouts of the Andris family homes (the one they lived in with the late Nicholas Andris and the one they live in now). These will be detailed in their own post coming soon~



Send me a word and I’ll tell you one OC fact related to it

Jacob Andris has made chocolate exactly once in his life. When he was younger, he got in the idea that he wanted to make some homemade chocolate for his mother, and he confided in his dad about it (after debating on trying it himself … wise choice, kiddo). They managed to figure out all the ingredients and gather them without Mariana ever figuring it out … until she found the mess they made of her usually-spotless kitchen.

Luckily, the chocolate turned out okay, so Jacob and Nick were forgiven, though banned from the kitchen for a few days after that.

SAN – Sam and Nicholas

@kajensen07 asked

san – Sam and Nicholas? Even if this isn’t right, I am looking forward to learning more about Jacob’s dad!

You got it!

In Brothers Unexpected, Sam has a lot to get used to. Including Jacob’s father, Nicholas Andris, the person Jacob resembles the most when he grows up, especially in height.

While Sam is but a two-and-a-half inch tall kiddo.

(If anyone’s missed it, there’s a special short story about Jacob and his late father over on deviantart. It happens later along the timeline than where Brothers Unexpected is at thus far. Check it out here and the second part here.)

Nicholas froze in the middle of relaxing into the couch’s worn, comfortable cushions. His heart skipped a beat and he processed what he’d heard, the tiniest little noise that he might not have noticed. Before they found Sam, he definitely wouldn’t have registered the sound.

He glanced around, turning his head to scan the room. He knew Sam hadn’t been on the couch when he came in, so he could at least do away with the frantic worry that he’d nearly crushed the kid. That didn’t write out the possibility that he was under the couch or somewhere near enough that Nicholas’ careless action could have hurt the tiny kid.

“Sam?” he called out cautiously. His deep voice was quiet, but he knew that to Sam it still rumbled overhead. If the kid was hurt or scared, he probably wouldn’t answer.

April 17th except:

The toy truck next to him almost jumped as Jacob’s dad made his way over to the couch, each footstep like a small-scale earthquake as it landed on the ground. Sam choked back a cry of alarm, stumbling away from the ‘small’ toy that outsized him.


( 10 Facts about my Characters )

HERE WE GO. Some of these people might already know, others might be new? Either way. Time to do the thing.

  1. Jacob Nicholas Andris is named after his father Nicholas and a grandfather on his mother’s side.
  2. His birthday is August 27th (coming up pretty soon actually)
  3. He is/was on his high school’s boxing team. In his canon story, he was unable to be on the team for his senior year of high school due to the events of Bowman of Wellwood.
  4. He broke his arm once in middle school.
  5. He’s decently proficient in Greek, as he learned it growing up from both his parents and especially in talking to his various grandparents, who insisted on him learning.
  6. His best friend is Qi Shi “Chase” Lisong, whom he met shortly after Chase’s family moved to the US from Jiuquan in China.
  7. For a short period of time, Chase’s younger sister Minnie had a crush on Jacob, a fact that Chase gives them both endless shit about.
  8. Jacob is asexual and aromantic! He went on one (1) date and discovered that it’s all more than he cares to deal with.
  9. Jacob learned his love of camping and the outdoors from his dad, who used to take him on small trips whenever he could.
  10. In his spare time, he reads a lot. Jacob knows he tends to look more like the big dumb jock than anything else, but he keeps himself fairly well-read.

Oh my gosh, that’s great! Looks like I shouldn’t be tagging things after a long, exhausting day of work! (This is why I usually do my blog upkeep on weekends, but everyone’s so into the guessing game, I can’t leave ya’ll hanging…)

However it happened, you earned a sneak peek of A World of Secrets! Which Jacob and his family just stumbled into!

If Sam could inch away from the two giants the pocket concealed him from, he would. The stern tone of voice Jacob’s mom had taken on was very familiar, and Sam couldn’t stifle an involuntary yelp of surprise. He heard it from his dad almost constantly. Dean was the patient teacher, John was the stern drill sergeant.

They were mad.

Sam put a hand on the hilt of his knife, drawing strength from the gift Dean had given him. Please don’t hurt me.

Jacob heard Sam’s quiet noise, and thought back to moments ago when the other kid worried Jacob’s parents would be mad at him. He was scared of them. Telling mama and papa about him would be breaking a promise and would probably make him cry. Jacob didn’t want to do either of those things.

He also didn’t want to keep lying. He was supposed to listen to them when they told him to do something. Jacob’s toy trucks fell to the floor and he pressed his hands against the wall behind him while the conflict practically dug into him. What was he to do?

“I don’ … don’t wanna be mean,” he finally murmured lamely, hanging his head but still peeking at his mother and father. His mouth was angled in a frown and his eyes stung.

“Hey, Jake, kiddo,” his father said quietly, stepping around his wife with care that didn’t seem to fit his huge frame. He stooped and braced his hands on his knees, peering at him with a serious but kind look. “You’re not in trouble, okay? I don’t know what got you so worried, but we do need to know if you’re hiding something from us, especially if it’s alive. Okay?”

Jacob stuck out his lower lip in a pout while he let his father’s low rumble of a voice sink in. He knew they would come and check his pockets if he didn’t give in. He thought he might have a chance at avoiding some trouble if he complied, and after a second his hands moved hesitantly to his pocket where he knew Sam was curled up in fear.

Now my new friend is gonna hate me, he thought sadly as he reached into the pocket and scooped his fingers under the small form to lift him out.

The thing about Jacob is he always seems to have a Grab First reaction. Wee kiddo Jacob is not that different, though luckily for little Sam he’s not a rough child by nature. In fact he’s much more likely to hug than to be mean. He doesn’t like to see people upset, and hugs are a good solution, right?

His parents just want to take care of their kid. They don’t have any expectations of a very tiny kiddo showing up in their room, but they’re both nice people. Even if Nicholas Andris is HUGE, Sam doesn’t need to be scared of him.

Of course, poor Sam won’t know any of this when he first encounters them!

Jacob paused, noticing the tiny voice at the edge of hearing. He couldn’t tell if his papa heard it too, but he was still looking at him expectantly. Behind him, Jacob could see his mama leaning to watch curiously. He pursed his lips and clutched his toy trucks closer while he rapidly processed the situation to determine if they suspected something.

“Uh uh,” he said, squirming away from his Dad’s hand to walk hurriedly around the second bed. “I’m only playing trucks today, see?” He held up the trucks to display them even as he sidled into the narrow space between the bed and the wall.

His mama raised an eyebrow at him. “Jacob, are you telling the truth? You know you’re not supposed to lie.”

“I am! I’m just playing trucks!” he insisted.

His father stood up with a quiet creak of his joints as they hoisted all of his huge body up. His mama stood again and walked around her tall husband to stand at the foot of the second bed and look appraisingly at Jacob and his pocket.

“Jacob,” his papa said gently. “Did I hear something? Do you have a mouse trapped in your pocket?” His deep voice was kind, patient with the boy, but also stern.

His mama was in charge of the really stern looks, and Jacob inched away from her even more as she leveled one on him. “Jacob Nicholas Andris, you tell us the truth right now or I’m going to come and check your pockets myself.”

Sam is a decently bulky guy in Supernatural, but Jacob is actually bigger!

Though in Brothers Adopted, he’s still currently shorter than Sam (he will eventually top out over four inches in height, the equivalent of 6′5″), he worked out a lot in school and did boxing before he was cursed. This, combined with the physique inherited from his dad results in him being bulkier than both Sam and Dean.

And Sam is currently only 22, so he’s a lot slimmer than he gets in later seasons of Supernatural, as well.