March 19th excerpt:

Dean laughed at his attempt. “I don’t know, half-pint. You might have some hidden strength in there that you’re saving for a special occasion. Meanwhile…” Dean folded all of his fingers but one into a fist, holding out his index finger to Jacob in a gesture that was far more considerate of his size. The end of the fingertip hovered about an inch away from the minuscule hunter. “Maybe you’ll have a better shot at the top like this.” 

“That’s more like it,” Jacob quipped. This time he didn’t hesitate to walk closer to Dean’s hand. The fact that it was as huge as it was still caused a lingering nervousness in the back of his mind.

He held out his hand for the comparison offered, staring now at the fingertip in front of him. From the tip to the first knuckle was almost Jacob’s body length. Jacob thought he might as well be looking through a microscope. He could see Dean’s fingerprints in stark detail. In fact, Jacob’s own fingers would probably fit between them. 

March 17th excerpt:

Bowman smirked, taking a second drink of his beer before speaking his mind. “Yeah, we gotta get Jacob back to normal before being the tallest goes straight to Dean’s head.”

Jacob snickered at that, but almost immediately after came a loud, incessant BEEP from the microwave across the room. He couldn’t help a minor flinch from the noise and his free hand almost instinctively went to cover his ear. Everything seemed so loud at this size. Even the simple rustling of fabric as Dean shifted was sharply noticeable.

Dean stood to go get the food just as a second BEEP went off behind him. “Y’know,” he jabbed back, “being tall never went to my head in the first place, small fry.” He left them for a moment to grab his food.

December 23rd excerpt:

John reached toward Dean and tapped the counter with his knuckle, just outside of reach of the smaller man’s reach.

Contrary to John’s hopes, the light rap against the countertop did not yield the desired results. After living over a decade in the walls, Dean was used to the feeling of vibrations or booming voices in his sleep, though normally sound was more muffled.

Dean shifted in place, rolling on his side with a brief “Quit it, Sammy,” thrown over his shoulder before settling back down.

December 2nd excerpt:

“Mornin,’ doc!” Dean called gamely, keeping his eyes trained on Sam. “Learned it all from my dad!”

During Dean’s brief distraction, Sam took advantage of his only chance to get out of the pin, knowing Dean could keep him in place. Sam kicked out, tossing Dean off balance, and then aimed his kick at Dean’s side, smoothly knocking his older brother to the ground and reversing their positions.

“You were saying?” Sam grinned, one hand around Dean’s throat to keep him from trying to get up.

October 26th excerpt:

“What’s up, doc?”

John’s heart leapt into his throat at the unforeseen greeting, sputtering in the middle of his sip of tea. Quickly transferring the cup onto the counter before he lost his grip on it, he lightly coughed to keep the tea from going down the wrong way.

Once John had his breath back, his eyes darted around the kitchen. The voice sounded like it had come from higher up, so that narrowed down his search considerably, and he spotted Dean soon enough.

It would most likely be in the BL verse. BA is very planned out, with a specific storyline that the stories are following. BL is a budding AU, with ideas being bounced around for all kinds of cases, and other crossovers even.

XD Who knows. I’m sure the Deans would be coming up with nicknames for everyone and each other.

February 4th excerpt:

As usual, Jacob’s prodigious size drew a few alarmed glances from the few patrons and waitstaff in the diner. He was used to this. He had been big for a while and he knew that it surprised people to see someone so big. He put on the least threatening demeanor he could manage when he smiled at the hostess, requesting a to-go menu.

He had to hold back a smirk as he found the cheeseburgers they had to offer on the menu she handed him. You people think I’m intimidating, he couldn’t help but think. It was with a self-deprecating kind of humor that he reminded himself of the nickname he’d earned from Dean.