November 4th excerpt:

Jacob’s hand reached for the nightstand, ready to switch off the alarm. Then, his mind finally caught up enough to remember I didn’t set an alarm. He ended up diverting his reach before he could bowl Dean over, resting his fingers at the edge of the nightstand instead. He propped himself up enough to send the tiny guy a bewildered look, catching up to why he was on the nightstand and not right next to his head like he’d thought.

“Dude,” he mumbled, giving Dean as much exasperation as he could. “What the shit.”

September 16th excerpt:

That dog had been a thorn in his side for weeks. Logan glared at what he could see of Rumsfeld over the edge of the nightstand. Damn dog didn’t bark at Sam like a chew toy.

Maybe there was something to that.

August 30th excerpt:

The hunter pushed himself up on an elbow, tiredly rubbing a hand down his face to clear the sleep from his eyes.

Then he opened his eyes, and saw the scene unfolding on the nightstand.

“Jacob!” Dean exclaimed, sitting bolt upright.

August 25th excerpt:

Turning back to the nightstand, John’s heart gave a little stutter to see Sam so close to the edge of the nightstand. “You okay?” he blinked, not quite yet putting two and two together.

Sam’s lips turned down into a frown. “I can’t follow you,” he said disconsolately, rubbing the sole of his boot over a mark on the nightstand’s surface. It was wider than his boot, but so relatively small to everything else.

July 25th excerpt:

Looking back at the nightstand, Jacob glanced over the surface skeptically. It wouldn’t be the first time he’d opted for something like that over an actual bed. Beds were huge fields of cloth and shaky terrain for him now. The chance of someone not noticing him there had gone way up.

“Nightstand oughta be fine,” he said mulishly. “So long as you don’t set the alarm or something. One of my friends turned on a radio while I was right next to the speaker and that sucked.”

July 15th excerpt:

Sam stumbled to his feet, his neck craned back in an attempt to keep John’s face in sight. He nearly tripped over the edge of the handkerchief Dean was snuggled in, stepping back to look up at John’s immense height.

“You’re tall! ” Sam proclaimed, looking impressed at how high up John’s arms stretched overhead. From down on the nightstand, the giant doctor looked like he could touch the sky.

February 20th excerpt:

Dean perked up a little. “Think the little guy’s up?” he asked, glancing over at the nightstand drawer.

“Only one way to find out,” Sam pointed out. “You’re the one that kept him up at an ungodly hour of the night, not me.”

“Did I?”

June 2nd excerpt:

Dean went over to the coffee pot in the kitchenette, getting out a mug. He kept Jacob in his hand while he poured himself a cup, sighing at the smell. “There’s nothin’ like a good cup of joe in the morning,” he said, half to himself and half to the kid that was hanging out in his fist. “I don’t know what I’d do without it.”

He brought the cup over to the table and set it down. “Almost forgot.” He grabbed the bottlecap from the nightstand. “Can’t leave you out, now, can I?”

June 1st excerpt:

The coffee was almost done when he got back and he smiled in triumph. It wouldn’t get cold on him.

Dean went over to the nightstand to get Jacob up for the day. “Wakey, wakey! Eggs and bakey!” With a grin, he opened up the drawer and peered in to search for where the kid was sleeping. His eyes softened a little when he saw the guy curled up in the flannel shirt. It was almost bunched right over his head for sleep.

He reached in, nudging the shirt off of the tiny form and scooping him up into a loose fist again. “C’mon, half-pint. Time for some coffee.”

November 13th excerpt:

The banter continued for a moment as Sam woke up until a sharp retort from Dean cut it off. “No, the phone is not going on the shelf with you. I’m not sticking my head under the nightstand for an entire phone call. Now c’mon.”