theirishwarlock  asked:

What would happen if a person had glasses to see got shrunk? Would they no longer need them or retain some near sightless?

Good question!

Eyesight is one of the senses that gets the most from the ‘curse’ Celeste puts on them– Which, when you take out the shrinking, a side-effect she created, is more of a blessing!

Borrowers have sharper vision than humans do, and any human who needs glasses will find that their eyes grow stronger the longer they’re under the curse. Children get the strongest effect from this, which is why she far prefers using youthful humans with plenty of growth ahead of them, but even an adult would notice a difference.

This is how most borrowers have very strong nightvision, and can see very well in the dark!

December 25th excerpt:

The detective groped blindly at a lock of some kind, and he focused on that. It was a combination lock, one he couldn’t simply pick open and would take far too long to figure out the code for.

“Dean,” he rumbled, eyes darting around the room. It was a wide space, nothing jumped out at him in the shapes he could make out, nothing important, anyway. “I need something to break this off.”

Dean scanned the room, all of his focus concentrated on the task. “Okay, there’s a box in the corner. It’s full of old tools, some wrenches, a pretty hefty hammer–” hefty being so big that Sam and Dean together would never budge it, “–and a drill that looks like it hasn’t been used since I lived in America. Turn right, about three steps. Watch out for the table, don’t want to go knocking that copy of Harry Potter onto the floor.”

“You’re improving,” Sherlock commented as he followed Dean’s directions. Whether it was the stress of the situation or the urgency, it certainly seemed like Dean was showing off at this point. Not that Sherlock was complaining.