No problem at all! I don’t think we’ve actually had it come up before!


I like the action, the scenes that leave your heart pounding. The more emotionally charged it is, and the faster things go, the better. Sometimes I need help calming it down because the tension gets so thick it might just snap me. Anything heavy in feelings or heavy in action is my jam, I might start to fade out on the calm, chill scenes between those.

I also quite enjoy designing cases or monsters, and layering up my OCs with surprising background tidbits.


I just really enjoy working with my cowriters in general, if I’m completely honest. They get me through the hellish work days!

But for specifics, I’m a lore nerd and also an interaction junkie. I like pitting characters against each other to see how their personalities will bounce off each other. It’s great to have the characters just take off on us because their chemistry works well.


I agree, the character interactions are always fun with this group of writers, but a lot of the time, the parts that make me weak involve the g/t interactions. There are so many size combos between all the characters the three of us share, and all of them react differently to being smol or lorge, and it’s just so fun to toss em at each other or watch them get tossed. Drama is always certain with these dorks.

I can’t help it, I’m a diehard sucker for tols and tiny folk.

The difference between Brothers Together and Brothers Apart will be that Sam will actually be growing up with Dean. So instead of going from one extreme to the other like in the original story, it’s going to happen gradually. Sam will adjust as they both grow and it’ll feel normal to him to see Dean at his adult size by the time they get there. In this AU they’re going to be more adjusted to each other than they are in BA from the start.