Sneak Peek

A few story titles were guessed before we started posting the sneak peeks to go along with them, so with no further ado I present Clash of the Hunters!

The second Jacob’s hands were on the cage, Dean was on the move.

As dangerous as it was to attack with Sam still in the line of fire, there would be no better chance. The hunter had lost his gun. Jacob was free and had his hands on the cage containing the sprite, reducing the chances of collateral damage of a fight between the older hunters.

Sam knew the risks as well as Dean.

So while Jacob was backing off from the hunter with Bowman safe, Dean was already sprinting through the field. Long legs covered the ground that had taken Sam a half hour to cross in seconds. His boots dug fissures in the ground with the force of striking the ground, all to propel him towards his enemy. It was enough that if any of the sprites were in his way, there would be nothing left of them.

But they knew when to keep clear and when to attack. Scar was a good leader, and would see his opening just as Dean had found his.

The hunter hadn’t fully turned in Dean’s direction when there was suddenly a fist slamming into his jaw. Dean didn’t waste a second in his attack. The man was thrown backwards from the force, and his pocket slammed away with him. Only a passing guilt hit at the fact that Sam was about to be in the center of two dueling humans. He would do what he could to keep Sam safe, even during the deadly fight.

It was for this reason that he didn’t use his knife right off the bat. Instead of a vicious follow-up, Dean’s hands sealed around the other hunter’s wrist, preventing him from falling at the same time as he prevented a counterattack. Either could be disastrous for Sam.

“You think you can come in here and terrify a bunch of peaceful sprites?” Dean snarled. “Threaten to cut their wings off and trap them in cages? This forest is under my protection.”

A flurry of leaves blew up around them as the wind kicked up.

“Mine. And theirs.”

June 25th excerpt:

“Holy shit.”

Sam ignored the almost strangled curses that came from behind him, intent on following the fresh path the giant had left behind. One hand on his bag to keep it from striking repeatedly against his side, he almost leapt over a broken branch, running as fast as they could.

It just didn’t seem possible.

One step from the giant cleared more ground than either brother could run. There was just no way for them to keep up. If it didn’t leave such a broad path to follow, they wouldn’t have a chance of finding it again so fast.

“Friggin’ shit.

June 24th excerpt:

“Can’t get a friggin’ bar on this thing,” Dean growled in annoyance as he held his phone up over his head.

Sam’s grin was luckily out of sight from Dean’s angle, as he was still leading. “You saw the bulletin just like I did. There’s no cell service out here.”

Dean stuffed the phone in his back pocket. “We should get one of those satellite phones like that kid had. At least then we could stay in touch with Bobby.”