October 22nd excerpt:

There it was again. Another mention of Sam and Dean’s childhood, possibly a history with other humans. Simply recalling Dean’s reference to someone dislocating Sam’s shoulder in their youth made John’s half-full stomach turn. But it didn’t take a detective to see that Sam was still quite shy and nervous around John, another human, so he filed that away for another time.

Though something in him doubted ‘another time’ would ever come.

“Can I ask where you’re from?” John ventured, trying to keep up a friendly tone. “It’s just, the accent is a little…telling.”

Strictly speaking, they don’t. A few of the small communities might have beliefs of their own that they hold to, much like humans have many different religions, but there is no overarching mythos that they ascribe to.

This lack is tied into how they came to be, and that will be touched on in a future BA story 😉 The origin of the so-called borrowers will be revealed.

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Brothers Found || Jacob discovers Sam at the motel he was cursed at, and catches him.

Brothers Found is the first AU we created back when we originally completed A Lich of Sense, so the idea was to include Jacob in the storyline (he was feeling left out of Lich, and pouting at us that he couldn’t help Bowman deal with Dean through all that). The story later evolved into a lot more, especially once we reached the horror story in the third installment of the AU.

So, starts out simple, turns into the most painful ball of angst and terror we could imagine.