December 24th excerpt:

“Hang on,” Sherlock warned Dean, giving him a second to brace himself before jumping up to catch the lowest rung of the escape stairs and drag them down to ground level.


Dean’s cry of surprise went unheeded in the swift motion as Sherlock jumped and snagged the ladder. The sensation of freefall was unwelcome for the smaller man, his fear of flying hitting him all at once when he felt himself become airborne as Sherlock dropped back down.

Sam would certainly be interested in these videos. He could watch them to learn new tricks, and find things to try around the motel room. Depending on the skill level of the people on the video, he might find it tame compared to what he considers normal and everyday acts. Dean would be wide-eyed at the thought of any of this being considered tame.

Bowman, by contrast, would be plain amazed at these feats. Wood sprites definitely don’t climb often, since they have wings to get everywhere, so some of the parkour tricks out there would be very impressive indeed. He can do aerial acrobatics, but as we’ve seen in Lich, even climbing out of a pocket is tough for Bowman.