September 4th excerpt:

Nodding, Dean stood and went over to the shelf, knocking idly at Sam’s wall. “C’mon, pint-size, get your act together!” he called through the holes sculpted into the walls. Both giving Sam a way to communicate, a way to get air, and some extra light on the interior. “The night’ll be half done by the time you’re ready!”

Sam stalked out. “I’m not that slow,” he swore in annoyance.

June 27th excerpt:

“Well, if you’re not going to tell me your name, I’ll just have to figure out what to call you then,” Sam said glibly. “How about shorty? Short stop? Pint-size? Half-pint? I could go all day with these.” Mischief shone in his eyes.

July 19th excerpt:

“We both will,” came a deeper voice, and Sam gave a start, looking up to find just the corner of Dean’s eye looking towards them. It was difficult for Dean to interact with them on his shoulder, but not impossible.

Dean smirked at Sam’s surprise. “Do you really think I can’t hear you there, pint-size?” He shook his head mournfully, a joke sparkling in his eye. “I thought you knew better.”

Sam huffed with frustration, and Walt had to stifle a chuckle at his expense.

July 31st excerpt:

Dean packed everything he could into the duffel. It was at least an hour’s hike to get to where Jacob met up with Bowman, and further than that if they needed to go all the way to the village. They might not have time to make it all the way back to the car if things went to hell.

He hefted the duffel up to a shoulder. “Ready, pint-size?” he asked his younger brother, who was sitting on his right shoulder like normal.

“As I’ll ever be.”